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Kayak on the Nho Que River in Ha Giang

Translated by Bing
Nho Que River and Tu San Alley are extremely famous landmarks of Ha Giang. The Cinnamon Grape line is like a soft silk strip that attracts anyone who loves adventure. If you are passionate about exploring, make sure you will not hesitate but want to conquer it immediately.

The first time driving on the dirt road to descend the Nho Que River is a "trembling" feeling. "Trembling" because the red dirt road keeps drifting down, zigzagging between an abyss on one side, a steep cliff on the other. And "trembling" because I don't know what awaits me down there. The road down to Ta Lang village, Pai Lung commune, Meo Vac district used to be less frequented. It is also the most remote highland commune of Ha Giang province. The road is dirt, so if you accidentally get a little wet rain, it is slippery at any time. The river stands out on the side of a steep bend that is capable of challenging the steering wheel to anyone who wants to call it a "backpacker".

Boat service on Nho Que River has just developed a few years back. Visitors can choose to go downstream from Ta Lang marina or upstream from Xín Cai commune marina (Meo Vac district).

Touching the moss-colored green water of the legendary Nho Que line makes all difficulties dissipate. At the top of the pass looking down, the Nho Que River is gentle. Now sailing on the river, you can see the extremely majestic steep cliffs. There is nothing like being able to sail lazily on the calm water, cross the steep cliffs, enjoy the fresh cool air. If you come here in February – March 3, you can also see the red rice blossom season on both sides of the river.

Taking a boat, raft or kayaking on the Nho Que river gives you a special feeling when walking in the middle of Tu San alley - with a cliff height of up to 700-800m, a length of up to 1.7km, a depth of 700-900m. Paddling Sup looks quite relaxing but is actually a discipline that requires high movement. Kayaking a two-person double will be easier. The most relaxing activity is riding a motorboat. Gliding in Nho Que, lifting up is the deep blue sky, the pass and mountains are as thin as silk only stretching across the back of the sky, to see how magnificent nature is, to see how small people are.

With extremely difficult terrain, the Nho Que River basin is considered one of the deepest canyons in Southeast Asia, one of the valleys with unique geological formations in Vietnam. Nho Que River is an important source of irrigation water for farmfields, crops along the stream and provides water for people's daily life along the banks of the flowing river.

When you are tired of the bustling life of the city, try once to Ha Giang and take a boat walk on the Nho Que River, immerse yourself with the beautiful nature of this place.


- The road down the Nho Que River is quite steep and you will have to hike. Be careful when riding your motorcycle down here.

- Sup rental price is about 100,000 - 120,000 VND depending on the time. It is recommended to contact in advance to book Sup to avoid running out of Sup and waiting for a long time.

- Wear a life jacket and be careful when paddling soup in the river

Writer: Lam Linh

Photo: Shutterstock

Image source: Multiple authors
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