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Weekend activities: The ultimate Go Kart "formula 1" racing challenge in Hanoi

Translated by Bing
Just landed in Hanoi not long ago, but Go Kart racetracks have made young people in the capital stand still and rush to hunt.

Young people in the capital often find 3 famous Go Kart racing addresses, which are Ngu Hiep (Thanh Tri), Dam Tranh ecological area (Long Bien) and Yen So park (Gamuda Hoang Mai). Although quite far from the city center, these mini racetracks still have a great attraction for those who are passionate about speed. With challengingly designed bends, these locations will be the perfect place for your group to have fun and take cool photos with dusty Go Kart cars.

There are no huge roads, nor can screw up terrifying speeds like standard racetracks, but becoming the champion in Go Kart races also requires players to meet technical and physical requirements.

The control of the Go Kart car is completely mechanical, players have to use a lot of strength and dexterity to drive the car through the bends in the racetrack if they do not want to be hit on the side of the road and towards the end of the stage.

Those who do not know how to play Go Kart will be instructed in 10 minutes about control skills, safety principles when sitting on a Go Kart.

When the pennant is waved, it is also the time when the Go Kart cars rush away, the sound of the engine urges players to step on the accelerator pedal in the race to the finish line.

Go Kart sounds simple, but if you drive carelessly, it will be easy to hit like this~

Each race can only last a maximum of 20 minutes.

The referee will then wave the flag back to the starting area for a technical inspection, refueling and cooling down watering of the tires.

These exciting races cost only from 200,000 VND (weekdays) to 400,000 VND / person (weekends) and all have discounts for students. In addition, when you go in a large group, try the "yard sack" package for 1 hour at an extremely reasonable price for the challenge of being a genuine racer and enjoy the fun with your friends after stressful working days. 

3 hottest Go Kart racetracks in Hanoi:

Go Kart Hanoi - Ngu Hiep (Thanh Tri)

Go Kart Hanoi is the first 5000m2 "mini F1" playground in Hanoi paved with Asphalt - the preeminent material source for F1 race track construction and exclusive ownership of a professional timing system. Go Kart Hanoi is also an ideal place for teambuilding activities, giving players effective stress-relief moments and the most authentic experience ever to feel the beginning of the sport of racing legends. 

Go Kart Vietnam - Dam Tranh Ecological Zone (Long Bien)

Go Kart Vietnam is a prestigious racing course, has affirmed its name in Hanoi in particular and the Northern region in general, frequented by speed enthusiasts. Go Kart Vietnam playground has a substandard size along with 3 types of terrain: Aspalt, raw concrete and rubber beads to bring great experiences to players. In addition, when coming to this address, you also get to enjoy the extremely cool and pleasant suburban ecological space.

HaNoi Super Karting - Yen So Park (Gamuda Hoang Mai)

Although starting later than the above 2 locations (just put into operation from 2021), but not so that Hanoi Super Karting is less attractive. What makes players interested in this racetrack is not only because of its location in an area with beautiful scenery, right next to a large lake, many trees, wide lawn but also because the track is designed very specially. Although only 530 m long, there are up to 5 bends stretching from high to low according to the terrain of the land, instead of flat like other tracks. With a quality new rig and a challenging race track, HaNoi Super Karting is an ideal destination for all "racers" and young people in Hanoi.

Some Go Kart racing experience:

  • When bending the car is quite heavy, it is recommended to bend hard to turn
  • It is recommended to arrive early so that the staff can guide how to ride in advance.
  • Wear protective gear when participating in the game
  • Going to the afternoon race will be watching the beautiful sunset
  • The larger the group, the more fun and the preferential the price

Article: Ngan Hang

Image source: Multiple authors
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