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Journey to explore the flow of water of Thang Hen lake, Cao Bang

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A 2-day-2-night journey to explore the complex of 36 lakes of Thang Hen Tra Linh Cao Bang with a diverse system of lakes, caves, rivers – underground caves, rocky mountains, they are full of mystery but also full of attraction and attraction.

Ho Thang Hen complex is located in the UNESCO Cao Bang Non Nuoc Geopark in Quoc Toan Commune, Tra Linh District, Cao Bang Province. The lake has an altitude of more than 1,000 m above sea level, is the highest mountain lake in Vietnam. Thang Hen Lake is like a pearl in the mountains with magnificent and poetic scenery.  This place is as beautiful as a charming painting, the lake surface is like a jade glittering mirror, neatly located among the green forest canopy of the mountainside.

The journey to explore, discover natural wonders from the lowest point traces from millions of years back to the source above the flow of the Tra Linh River. 

Day 1: Canh Chao sinkhole - Ho Thang Hen

Starting out, the journey to explore the old forest, rocky mountains, Tra Linh nature reserve begins. Approaching the sinkhole is the deepest descent point and also the most attractive in the morning journey.


It's not easy to climb down, but you'll see the magic of water for millions of years of absorption and erosion. If you look from above, you can see an entire mountain range that seems to be gouged out by the creator with a giant hole in the middle. If you don't look up at the bottom of the Sinkhole, you'll see a magical dome of the sky. Around the Sinkhole are steep cliffs with moss and grass clinging to lush green growth. Beneath the Sinkhole are many types of trees from woody to grassy stems forming a luxuriant forest as if standing in a miniature version of Son Doong cave (Quang Binh).

A lunch right in the sinkhole is probably an unforgettable experience for anyone when joining the journey. Simple but nutritious dishes have been prepared. While having lunch, chatting and listening to the stories of the guides in the cool and majestic space of the sinkhole, feel small in front of nature.


The first day of exploration ends with a trekking trip back to Thang Hen Lake, exploring this beautiful but also mysterious lake. Depending on the time of year, you will witness the strange transformation of the Thang Hen lake system when the water level of the lakes changes seasonally through surface and underground flows up to tens of meters of water.


Day 2: Na Ma Valley – Cave through mountains – Mat Than Mountain – Nam Trá Waterfall – Hanoi

Continue your trekking journey following the rising water, through dense forests, enjoying unspoiled nature. On the journey, you can freely see the exotic flowers, colorful mushrooms arranged along the road, the velvety green grassy valleys, the close mountain peaks, all shapes.

The journey through the mountains through a mysterious cave deep in the jungle is one of the impressive routes of day 2. You will admire the stalactites with countless interesting shapes. Opening before your eyes is an endless stretch of Na Ma valley with purple Ham Ha flowers, in the distance are a few horses grazing leisurely. That unreal scene was like stepping into a fairyland. Na Ma valley every time of the year changes a new shirt based on the water brought, when it is an endless green steppe when the field with lakes and rivers winds around.

 The journey of discovery takes you to check-in at the Eye of God mountain with an altitude of nearly 700m – the highest place that leaves traces proving the power of the water, watching the unique mountain with a puncture cave on the top of the mountain with a unique shape like a giant eye with a diameter of 50m.


From Eye of God Mountain, continue to cross Nam Trá waterfall. The waterfall with the changing water according to the seasons flows through gray rocky outcrops, surrounded by green forest trees. Nam Trá Waterfall connects with the lakes around Mat Than Mountain to form a huge water conditioning system of nature, forming a closed cycle of water flow. Soak your feet in the cool water while feeling the wonderful arrangement of nature here.

The exclusive exploration of Thang Hen Lake is being exploited only at Vietnam Expeditions. With this journey, you are immersed in a one-of-a-kind expedition experience, where you can witness firsthand the geological wonders formed millions of years ago.

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According to Vietnam Expeditions

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