ExperiencesNature & AdventureThe cave is as beautiful as the palace in Quang Ninh, where the 'feverish' wedding just took place
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The cave is as beautiful as the palace in Quang Ninh, where the 'feverish' wedding just took place

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Vung Duc Cave is located on the shore of Bai Tu Long Bay, surrounded by Ban Chess Mountains with beautiful natural scenery, attracting tourists to visit.

After the unique wedding held in a cave in Quang Ninh of the Vietnamese-American couple appeared on social networks, many tourists from Hanoi and Hai Phong invited each other to come here to check-in, admire the amazing natural scenery "underground".

This check-in location that is attracting a lot of attention is Vung Duc Cave (also known as Vung Duc Cave Tourist Area), belonging to the complex of Vung Duc Historical and Scenic Area (Cam Dong Ward, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Province), 45km northeast of Ha Long City.

Vung Duc Cave is located on the shore of Bai Tu Long Bay, surrounded by Ban Chess Mountains with beautiful natural scenery, attracting tourists to visit. Since the Ha Long - Cam Pha sea envelope with a total length of 18.7km, 6-lane design came into operation, visitors move to Vung Duc cave much more conveniently, both by road and sea.

Walking along this route, tourists have the opportunity to admire the unique landscape, one side of the mountain, the other side of the sea. When reaching the end of the road, adjacent to Ben Tau Street of Cam Pha City, visitors turn the direction to Vung Dac, moving about 1km to the cave of the same name.

Vung Duc Cave consists of a system of 5 connected caves, including Thien Dang Cave, Long Van Cave, Surprise Cave, Kim Quy Cave and the widest is Palace Dinh Cave (also known as Bat Cave). The caves are distributed from low to high, there are caves, visitors have to climb hundreds of stone steps to reach the mouth of the cave.

Since 1999, this place has also been invested with elevator systems, electric lighting, and cave entrances to create favorable conditions for visitors to visit and experience. The space of the Vung Duc cave system is relatively flat, very convenient for visitors to learn and explore.

The first stop of visitors when coming to Vung Duc cave tourist area is Thien Dang cave, 46m above sea level with 5 connecting cave gates, of which 2 gates are entrance and exit roads. In the middle of the cave there is a large and flat space with many vivid stalactites, at the top of the cave is a suspended stone chandelier.

To get here, visitors can go from the main entrance or follow the mountainside. Inside the cave are drooping stone curtains, winding softly, especially the thick layer of silver stalactites, when the light streams shine in further enhance the shimmering and fanciful beauty of the cave. The multitude of stones in the cave impresses visitors by being able to imagine many different unique shapes.

The next stop is Long Van Cave, located at an altitude of about 50m above sea level. Inside the cave is divided into two branches, upper and lower. In the cave are stone slabs with diverse and interesting shapes, visitors can freely imagine into many shapes such as elephants, swans, bells, lotus seeds,...

In the middle of the cave is a large stalactite, connecting the cave ceiling with the dynamic background. This stalactite has many motifs such as dragon's head, stone guitar and especially in the process of creation, in the middle of the column there is a circle studded up like a badge, giving the heart the beauty of a magnificent palace.

The caves here were formed along with the history of the formation of Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long (about 150 million years ago). Coming out of Long Van cave, follow the main road, visitors will reach Kim Quy cave and Surprise cave. Located at the end of this cave system is the Palace Cave, which has the largest area, is a spectacular event venue with a capacity of up to 1,000 people. Here, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes made from famous seafood of Quang Ninh sea.

The ticket price to visit Vung Duc cave tourist area (including 5 caves) is 120,000 VND/person (for adults and children over 1.4m tall) and 60,000 VND/person (for children from 1 - 1.4m tall).

Visitors can visit Vung Duc cave all year round. Especially in summer, the space in the cave is very cool, making visitors feel more comfortable and refreshed. The route to visit the above 5 caves takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Many visitors who have set foot in Vung Dong cave commented that in the cave there are many beautiful stalactites, with different unique shapes,... Unleash your imagination.

Through the process of geological tectonics for millions of years, the caves still retain their intact, pristine and magnificent beauty. Along the cave system are soft curtains of stalactites with many lines that seem to be delicately and skillfully carved.

The multi-colored lighting system combined with the stalactites of various shapes gives the caves a mysterious and fanciful look

Standing in some positions in the cave system, visitors can also witness the whole scenery from above, expanding the view to the undulating islands in Bai Tu Long Bay.

Because Vung Duc historical and scenic area is located right next to Vung Duc pier, if you have the opportunity to come here, visitors can combine to visit some islands and resorts in Bai Tu Long Bay such as Ba Mun National Park, Yellow Card Island, Cong Tay Island tourist area, yellow card island eco-tourism area,... or experience further islands such as Quan Lan, Co To ,....

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