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Change the wind, camp overnight on the paradise green island of Cu Lao Cau

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With a beautiful wild scenery, although tourism services have not been developed, there is a lack of motels and hotels for guests to stop, but this island has still become a favorite destination for many travelers, flocking to change the wind and camp overnight.

Cau Island (also known as Cau Island) is a small island in Phuoc The commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province. This place has a length of 1.5km, an area of about 140 hectares and is completely separate from the mainland, which is likened to a "green paradise" by tourists because of its beautiful wild scenery.

To get to Cu Lao Cau Island, visitors can only access by canoe, motorboat or fisherman's boat with many options of departure points such as from Ca Na port, Phuoc The port or Lien Huong ferry wharf. Travel time on the sea is about 30-50 minutes, depending on the weather situation as well as the type of vehicle used

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On this island, the weather is divided into two distinct seasons, including the South wind season and the North wind season. In particular, the North wind season lasts from July to December of the lunar calendar, it often rains and storms, and the sea is very rough. Visitors should check the weather forecast before planning their experience at Cu Lao Cau Island to have the safest and most enjoyable trip. The southern monsoon season lasts from January to June of the lunar calendar every year, which is considered the most ideal time for tourists to visit Cu Lao Cau Island. At this time, the weather here is cool, the sun is not too harsh and the sea is calm, the waves are calm, suitable for tourists to explore and experience, participate in outdoor activities, immerse themselves in nature.

The special thing about Cu Lao Cau Island is that the island still retains almost all its original pristine appearance, not exploiting commercial services to serve visitors. Therefore, many tourists who have been here said that there are no hotels or motels on the island for guests to stay overnight. The most common form of accommodation is to set up tents and camp right on the coast.

In Cu Lao Cau Island, there are only 1.2 small hotels but the cost is quite high and there may be a power outage in the middle of the night because people use electricity from solar energy. However, the experience of camping, sleeping in a tent, enjoying nature and the cool coastal air is still the most enjoyable.

Cau Island is a tourist destination that is loved and sought by many tourists to experience because of its beautiful natural scenery, clear blue water, and many attractive activities such as snorkeling to see corals, boating, and swimming,... Although it is only a small island, there are still many interesting check-in points in Cu Lao Cau Island that visitors should not miss such as Yen Cave, Ba Hon Cave, Gia Long well, sea turtle sanctuary or beautiful beaches and coral reefs,...

The Sea Turtle Conservation Area is also an attractive place for tourists when setting foot on this island. Visiting here, visitors will listen to presentations on the living habits of turtles and necessary sea turtle rescue skills, thereby raising awareness of environmental protection and preserving the habitat for surrounding animals. After experiencing all the activities as well as visiting famous destinations on the island, visitors can look for some beautifully shaped rocks and canyons to take photos for check-in.

In addition to unique check-in locations, Cu Lao Cau Island also attracts tourists because it has many famous specialties at affordable prices. Currently, there are very few restaurants and eateries serving on-site dining on the island, but visitors can contact the local people, ask them to prepare some local delicacies to enjoy such as shrimp, fish, snails, oyster pulp or moon crab.


Prepare or rent a life jacket for safety

Ask for permission from the border guard if you want to stay overnight

Bring drinking water because fresh water is still scarce on the island

Clean up every area on the island as you leave

No littering, preserving the inherent landscape and wild beauty of this island

Bring an umbrella and apply sunscreen thoroughly to avoid sunburn.

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