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Take a boat ride on the bed of Na Hang hydroelectric lake

Translated by Bing
Returning to Tuyen land is about Tan Trao historical relics, to Na Hang – "Ha Long among thousands", to the song then, the passionate manhood, the rice porridge with bamboo shoots; to the hemp cake, the Astrology gac cake and the strong aroma of corn wine.

Leaving Tuyen Quang city for about 2 hours, the bus stops at the boat pier in Na Hang district. The bed of Na Hang hydropower lake is where the Gam and Nang rivers meet, at the foot of the Pac Ta mountain range with 99 mountains painting the green landscape that makes Na Hang named Ha Long among thousands. Sitting on the boat is not only sunshine, catching the wind but also watching the vast forests in the distance.

The boat floated on the lakebed for a few hours from Na Hang to Lam Binh. Each person has a different way of expressing love for a land, sometimes the lyrics  of "Love you like 99 mountains Remember you like Mount Pac Ta," sometimes pictures, and simply put it in a beautiful place in the mind. 

The boat stops in front of the entrance to Pac Ta temple. It was a wide expanse of land with purple flowers swaying in the wind. Different green patches are intertwined: water green, grass green, forest green. Along the shore, cows are grazing. The forest shirt is woven on golden patches of lim lim, the 4th month flower of Tuyen.

The boat stops at the front of the road to Khuoi Nhi waterfall. Looking down from above, each mound covered with green grass protrudes like giant feet, surrounded by water. The road up to Khuoi Nhi waterfall is rocky, jagged, but not too steep, relatively nutritious, there are many small streams, just drop your feet to be massaged by fish. 

Leaving the waterfall, the boat continued down the water towards Lam Binh. Going to the middle of the hydroelectric lake, there is a rocky outcrop separate from the mountain, rising above the water, called Pile Some (Tay – meaning stake tied buffalo). The reason is called a buffalo tie stake because it is associated with the accumulation of Tai Ngao, tying buffaloes here when carrying stones to build dams to prevent water from helping people.

Sitting on the boat, gazing away from the shore, occasionally encounter leafy houses nestled under the slope, floating on the water. It is known that people when the lake did not have water lived here. Later, because they were used to being there, they returned to make temporary houses to live raising shrimp and fish, raising ducks, on the shore herding cows and herding goats.

Life in Na Hang is as peaceful as a calm lake. A day of shutting down, being in nature is a great day here.

Article and photo: Le Phuong

Image source: Multiple authors
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