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Co To with golden sunshine and blue sea is ready to welcome you!

Translated by Bing
The beach season in the northern provinces of Vietnam begins when the showers pass, the sun shines and every beach starts to be crowded.

Co To has a typical tropical monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 22 - 23 degrees Celsius, average rainfall of 1700 - 1900 mm/year, the climate is divided into 4 distinct seasons.

Early in the morning, visitors can move to the wharf area to watch the sunrise, wait for the fishing boats to come to the dock, bring fresh seafood. Like many other seas, Co To also has a variety of fish, shrimp, crabs, squid, crabs... in particular, nail snails with crispy, sweet meat. This place is also famous for its sa sung specialties. Dried sa sung costs several million VND per kg but is always hunted for purchase.

Co To has more than 50 large and small islands, with special geological structures. The island district is divided into two large archipelagos with concentrated residences, Co To Lon and Thanh Lan. Co To Noi is located in the northeast compared to Co To Lon and the northwest compared to Thanh Lan, forming a triangular island system. Other beautiful islands include Ca Carp Island, Southeast Island, Lion Island, Hon ngang Island, Bay Sao Island, Vang Chau Island...

With an area of 27km2, Thanh Lan is the largest island in the archipelago, 4km from the center of Co To island district by sea, equivalent to 20 minutes by boat. On the island, there are many poetic beaches such as Navy beach, C76, Ba Chau beach... and majestic gray sedimentary rocks with a smooth surface. 

Coming to Co To, visitors often spend time exploring the lighthouse built at the end of the 19th century. The road to the lighthouse passes through a natural forest and this can be considered one of the most poetic mountain paths in Co To

Co To is currently focusing on developing a system of marine and island tourism products that are able to compete with similar tourist areas, especially in terms of beach and island resorts, visiting sea and island landscapes, marine sports and entertainment activities (snorkeling to see corals); experiencing community ecology with fishermen...

This island district aims to achieve green and sustainable growth, ensuring harmony between economic growth and biodiversity conservation and environmental protection.

Currently, the island district allows tourists to scuba dive to see corals and underwater flora in the areas of Cang Tron, Hon Chim and Hon Ong Tich in Thanh Lan island commune. Visitors who experience this activity will be accompanied by an experienced guide to ensure safety. In addition, after diving to see corals, visitors can also go to an area with many species of fish. Holding food in their hands, the fish rushing in front of them is a rare experience if you don't come to Co To.

Before diving, visitors will be disseminated the rules and must strictly comply with them to protect the ocean and primeval coral reefs. Visitors are not allowed to touch corals, sea creatures, do not trample, stand on corals and do not stir the seabed. If they do not comply, they will be forcibly brought to the water.

Photo: Department of Culture, Information and Tourism of Co To district

Source: VNN

Image source: Multiple authors
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