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Discover a huge sinkhole in the heart of Ha Giang

Translated by Bing
3 km from Cat Cau town, the sinkhole in Giàng Su Phin (Ha Giang) was recently discovered to be attracting the adventurous tourism community by challenging experience and majestic beauty.

Owning a rocky plateau and passes that are both rugged and poetic, Ha Giang is always an attractive destination for the tourist-loving community, especially backpackers. But few people know that Ha Giang also has a huge, mysterious sinkhole located about 3 km from Cat Cau town, hidden on a pine hill of Tìa Chi Coconut village, Giàng Chu Phin commune.

Giap Van Hai (30 years old), dubbed the "tourist land" Ha Giang along with youtubers Hoang Nam - Challenge Me, Sunshine Highlands are the ones who discovered this sinkhole. During a trip to explore the Cauldron Cat to find unique places, which can hold visitors' feet, they found sinkholes through satellite maps and drone flying equipment.

Describing his feelings when he touched his feet below the sinkhole, Giap Van Hai used two words "happiness". The place was still unspoiled, so he had to use his seat belt to get into the hole. "When I'm below and looking up, I feel so small compared to nature. This reminds me of the story of the Frog sitting at the bottom of the well. If I go back to the experience next time, I will challenge myself 24 hours under the hole to feel more fully" - Hai shared.

He added that during the discovery, he also discovered many other large and small sinkholes in Ha Giang. However, this is a hole with a beautiful angle and explores very easily.

Overcoming the risks, climbing, visitors will enjoy the result of the feeling of conquest, the grandeur of nature and also the beautiful photos. Locals do not know when the sinkhole formed, but they often go down to the pit to get grass to feed the cows. The plants beneath the pit are diverse, there are many fern trees that make visitors feel like they are piercing, exploring prehistoric times.

Currently, this place has not been safely exploited. Visitors who want to challenge themselves can only follow the trail that people often go, or swing the rope to get down. YouTuber Hoang Nam estimated that the depth of the hole reached about 38.5 m. Visitors to conquer the sinkhole should note to bring enough protective equipment, accompanied by experienced people to ensure their own safety.

Source: Vntravellive

Photo by Giap Van Hai, Nguyen Ba Bac

Image source: Multiple authors
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