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Caring for turtles in the breeding season, a "unique" experience in Con Dao

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April to June is the peak of the egg-laying turtle season in Hon Seven Edge, the second largest of the 16 islands large and small in Con Dao, Seven Edge island is famous for its rich flora and fauna and attracts thousands of turtles to lay eggs each year.

Con Dao district consists of 16 islands large and small but only a few of them are breeding grounds for sea turtles. Hon Seven Edge is known as "Con Dao's most ecotourism island". Separated from the vibrant world outside, both pristine and blue sea and colorful corals, this is also the largest marine turtle conservation place in Vietnam.

April to June every year is the peak of the egg-laying turtle season in Hon Seven Edges - Con Dao (the island accounts for up to 90% of the number of turtles laid in Con Dao) Every night about 6-8 turtles go to the sand to dig nests, the peak in June can be up to more than 15 / night.

On average, each turtle lays from 80 to more than 150 eggs, these eggs will be brought back to the sanctuary staff within 2-3 hours according to the appropriate temperature and light so that the baby turtle is hatched with its own sex (if there is a lot of light, the egg will hatch to the male and if the light is little, low temperature eggs will hatch females)

After about 2 months of incubation, the baby turtle will hatch and be returned to the sea. When entering the water, the baby turtles will determine the direction and swim straight to the sea for a week in a row to find the large current, after about a decade of survival in the large sea they will return to shore.

The survival rate of baby turtles until adulthood is not harmed extremely low by other species, living only 1 in 1000 of them.

After 30 years, adult turtles (now weighing more than 100kg, about 1m long) will return to the very place where they were born to mate and breed (turtles in Con Dao when they come ashore are all attached identification codes to monitor when returning to lay)

Since the establishment of the sea turtle conservation station in Con Dao up to now more than 30 years - more than 10,000 mother turtles have been recorded to come and lay nearly 30,000 egg nests (It is estimated to hatch about 3 million baby turtles but only about 3000 survive and mature)

The day tour to see turtles breed and visit The Seven Edges island is one of the most special and unique tours of Con Dao. After 45 minutes by tourist train to Seven Edge island, visitors will swim with a snorkel to see the coral in the area of The Dam Bank.

After dinner at The Seven Edge Ranger Camp, the Guide introduces the ecological characteristics of sea turtles, the conservation of sea turtles of Con Dao National Park and the internal guidance, how to take an approach to watching the egg laying activities of sea turtles and waiting for the mother turtle to go to the sand to nest, lay. The time sea turtles go to the beach to lay eggs at high tide during the night. Releasing baby turtles to the sea is the most favorite activity.

The program to watch the nesting and egg laying activities of sea turtles at con Dao National Park's fox island is very limited in the number of visitors participating and there are many visitors participating so visitors register in advance to be arranged.

In addition, you can bathe and visit The Seven Edges Island and many other nature exploration activities here.

Management of Con Dao National Park

Address: Ma Thien Tuong Street, Zone 3, Con Dao District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Phone: 02543.830.150

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