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Camping on steep cliffs in Lan Ty valley, Lang Son

Translated by Bing
Sprawling on a bed suspended along a cliff, reading your favorite book, sipping beer and watching the clouds in Lan Ty valley, Lang Son, is an experience few people have.

Exploring Lan Ty Valley (Huu Lung district, Lang Son province) is an adventure travel journey with a variety of experiences such as trekking, climbing, swinging, SUP rowing, caving and especially camping on the "one-of-a-kind" cliff. The location of camping at the cliff near the top of Eye Than Mountain, suspended in the middle of Lan Ty valley, surrounded by mountains and forests.

Cliff camping is a less popular type of tourism in Vietnam. The journey to the point of setting up camp on the cliff was quite strenuous. To reach the camping location, the group had to trek and climb a long distance with steep slopes. However, all fatigue vanished when finishing hanging ropes, pitching tents on high cliffs and fully enjoying the "rare hard to find" time.

The first night I pitched my tent in the valley and there was heavy rain and thunder in the sky, but the final result was well deserved. Lie on the bed suspended along the cliff, read your favorite book, sip a can of beer, enjoy the night sky and catch the first flaps of sunshine of the day to the fullest.

Safety is always a top priority on cliff camping trips. All equipment is thoroughly tested before implementation. Each device has an alternative, redundant plan. On the body, the participants always have 2-3 protective items and are accompanied by experts to supervise, so the risk is almost zero. Consider carefully the risk before deciding to participate.

Cliff camping was developed by professional climbers around the world to elevate the nature exploration travel experience. Follow CNN, the concept of cliff camping first became known in 2015, when Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorges completed the feat of climbing the "Wall of Dawn" - one of the most difficult cliffs in the world to climb in El Capitan (California, USA). Cliff camping has also become popular in Yosemita National Park (California), Estes Park (Colorado, USA) and gradually spread to China, Canada and Colombia. This type of participant is picky because of the requirements of physical strength and good climbing techniques. People who are first exposed are prone to dizziness.

In Vietnam, cliff camping is not popular due to few locations with suitable terrain. In addition, not many adventure travel companies operate this service.

Spy Huang

Photo: VNN, Vietnam Expeditions

Image source: Multiple authors
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