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Ban Sung - Da Bac, a new destination for nature lovers in Hoa Binh

Translated by Bing
About 100 km from Hanoi, it takes 2 hours by car according to Google Maps. Sung village of the Dao Tien people is nestled on Bieu mountain, Cao Son commune, Da Bac district, Hoa Binh province, where there is no phone signal.

Sung village has 73 households, only 3 homestays, but if you live here for 2 days, wherever you go, you also have locals ready to chat, do tourguides to lead you to explore the roads.

Sung village is separate from modern life and still retains most of the traditional features of the Dao people. In Ban Sung, people live under ground houses, roofed with palm leaves. Between each house is a kitchen, with an attic to store items and food that need to be preserved, avoiding mold and moisture in spring.

People in Ban Sung village still dye indigo, printing their own patterns on fabrics with beeswax. Especially, because children grow up to be able to speak but cannot read their own ethnic language, there is a Dao language class to preserve their own culture.

Coming to Sung village not only enjoy a pristine life, enjoy a beautiful village next to the dark green forests, explore caves, breathe in the chest the fresh air, away from the bustling sounds of the city. Sung Hamlet is also a rare village not far from the capital, containing the strangely original things of a tribe.

In Ban Sung, the food, in addition to the mountain-style food with free-range pork, hill chicken, Da River fish, wild vegetables, also has "one-of-a-kind" specialties, which right from the processing stage has made people admire by the strange patience of its maker. 

The first course to mention is Nang wine. This drink, which used to have a very poetic name: "gourd pepper wine", but after being afraid of long readers who are difficult to remember, the natives changed it to "Nang wine". The wine is made from rice completely, without any animals, brewed from rice like the way people down but distilled completely different. 

Besides wine, the dish that cannot be ignored is Sour Meat. If Phu Tho's sour meat is finished for 3 days, the sour meat of the Dao Tien people in Sung village needs 3 years. A dish just needs to be told, any diner wants to try it once in their life.

In 2021, Ban Sung village has an internet connection pulled back, but many people in the village still want to maintain their old lives. Most homes still don't have televisions. Therefore, about Ban Sung is to leave the technology life, without phones, living in homestays without television. It was late autumn, 5 p.m. already dark. The whole neighborhood is immersed in a peaceful and quiet scene. Plug in your phone charger so you're ready to take photos the next day, curled up in a blanket reading stories. Then fall asleep all the time. 

So what, you are still hesitant to date with ... silence in Ban Sung!

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