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8 enchanting Sapa tourist villages to keep tourists engaged

Translated by Bing
Coming to Sapa lyrical romance, it is impossible to ignore the beautiful little rustic villages hidden among the wild forests and mountains. Let's take a look at 8 beautiful and poetic Sapa tourist villages with Migo when exploring this Northwest gem.

Phin Sapa village

About 12km northeast of Sapa town, Ta Phin still retains its rustic wild beauty. Coming here, visitors not only immerse themselves in endless nature, but also touch the simple daily life of H'Mong people here. 

The beauty of Sapa Ta Phin tourist village must be mentioned the eye-catching terraced fields hugging the foot of the Hoang Lien Son range like silk strips. The translucent purple mountains are hidden in the pure white mist, here and there dotted with a few leafy roofs among the green corn fields. All create a sense of peace, helping you get rid of the chaos of daily life. 

The beauty of Ta Phin is poetic and rustic among the mountains and forests. Photo: vietnamtimes

If you like to explore caves, in Ta Phin there is also Ta Phin cave (locally called Ti Lu Cam). The cave is about 5m high, about 3m wide, the deeper it goes, the narrower, more stimulating, adventurous. 

Sapa Ta Phin tourist village also has an abandoned ancient Ta Phin monastery built in 1942, which is an extremely attractive checkin destination for young people. The ancient mossy walls are hidden in the pristine Sapa forest, where the mist covers the branches, each branch of flowers and blades of grass brings a sense of wild mystery like the middle of a European forest. 

Coming to Ta Phin, you can also discover the life of interesting indigenous people. Staying the night at a local villager's house, sitting by the fire to dispel the cold night in the mountains, sipping corn wine and listening to stories about the ancient stories of the village is just as exciting. 

Ticket price to visit Ta Phin: 20.000 VND/pax 

Ta Phin ancient monastery with mysterious wild beauty. Photo: redsvn

Lao Chai Village Ta Van

Lao Chai – Ta Van village is a Sa Pa tourist village located about 7km from the center of Sapa town, where the peaceful Muong Hoa stream winds around the green fields at the foot of Hoang Lien Son, the residence of ethnic people of Mong, Red Dao, Giay. 

Lao Chai – Ta Van is one of the lands owning the most vast and beautiful terraced fields in Muong Hoa valley. 

You can visit this place all year round. Because coming to Lao Chai Ta Van every season is beautiful, each season contains different beauties. When late spring is glittering with water pouring like a mirror of the sky, summer is a green color, autumn to the whole sky and earth turns brilliant yellow, and then winter comes white and dewy. Each season, Lao Chai – Ta Van is beautiful with its own characteristics.  

The most suitable way to go to Lao Chai – Ta Van is motorbike or car from Sapa town. If you travel by motorbike, you can both admire the peaceful scenery and enjoy the fresh air and the scent of fresh and sweet mountains and forests.  

At the same time, when you have bought Lao Chai - Ta Van tickets, you can also visit Sapa ancient rock beach on the way to the village for free. 

The most interesting thing about this Sapa tourist village is to stay at least 1 night in the village, so that you fully feel the exciting pristine life. So that when dawn catches the warm morning sunshine dancing on the terraced fields.

You can stay at ethnic minority houses in the village, or choose beautiful comfortable homestays such as: Ta Van Family Homestay, Ta Van Hill Homestay, Lá Dao Homestay...

Especially when coming to Ta Van, you can not ignore the world-famous May bridge across the poetic Hoa stream. 

To know how famous the bridge is, please see the article: 10 must-visit destinations when traveling to Sapa

Ticket price to visit Lao Chai – Ta Van: 75.000 VND/adult, 50.000 VND/child (children under 1m are free).

On a clear day, Ta Van appeared clear and lively. Photo: @hienn.w

Don't forget to check in at Ta Van May Bridge – the world-famous bridge over Suoi Hoa. Photo: @hoang.px

Cat Cat village

As one of the most famous Sapa tourist villages not to be missed when visiting Sa Pa, Cat Cat is only about 2km from the center of Sapa town. You can choose to travel here by car, motorbike, or trekking. The ticket price for parking motorbikes in the village is 5000 VND/vehicle. If your family has small children, you can rent a taxi from Sapa for about 150,000 VND / trip 

Preparing for your trip to Cat Cat, you should wear sneakers or soft-soled sandals that are convenient for walking. 

Coming to Cat Cat, you will step out of the bustling tourist town, passing through picturesque roads between mountains and terraced fields. Cat Cat welcomes guests with fresh air, the gentle chill like poetic autumn mornings. It will be the best if you come to Sapa Cat Cat tourist village on a sunny, dry day to feel the clarity of the mountain village with a different pace of life among the mountains and forests.  

Cat Cat is one of the most famous villages in Sapa, everyone visits at least once. Photo: Vietnamtourism

Cat Cat's popularity sets it apart from other pristine villages, but its rustic and special beauty is sure to make you flinch. 

Paved roads zigzag at the foot of stilt houses, gentle forest digging branches bloom with spring news, giant water carts still ply by the stream.

The inhabitants are predominantly Hmong. In the early twentieth century, the French discovered "Cat", where there is a beautiful waterfall in French meaning Catscat, which is deviated from "Cat". From there, the village got its present name. 

At Sapa tourist village This fame, in addition to the houses located along the paved coal steps in the middle of the village, is also the gathering point of three streams: Tien Sa stream, Golden and Silver streams and Cat Cat waterfall splashing white foam. Next to the waterfall are two suspension bridges: Si Bridge and A Lu Bridge with many beautiful photo angles.

Coming to Cat Cat today, you can easily stay at a hotel or homestay with prices from 150,000 VND to over 1,000,000 VND / a night such as My House and A Phu House, Gem Valley Homestay, The Haven Sapa Camp Site. 

Hotels such as Sapa CatCat Hills Resort &; Spa, Sapa The Chill Garden &; Villas, Hotel Cat Cat Galerie d'Art with full facilities to catch a sunrise on the village. Besides, do not forget to enjoy typical Sapa dishes such as corn wine, cat cider, horse meat, buffalo meat in the kitchen...

Entrance ticket price Cat Cat village: Adults: 70,000 VND/person, children: 30,000 VND/person

Cat Cat village still retains many pristine features, with characteristic marks of the Northwest. Photo: @jiajun0118

Soul Spirit Nature

From Sapa town, down to Ta Van Lao Chai about 7km, there is a Sapa tourist village named Y Linh Ho with wild beauty captivating people. 

Y Linh Ho is a Hmong village with unmistakable cultural features. However, the village is located quite far from the main road, you have to go a relatively winding, zigzag road.

Therefore, Y Linh Ho is relatively quiet, retaining its rustic wild beauty.

The village is nestled in endless terraced fields, surrounded by thousands of green Hoang Lien Son. Where visitors seem to immerse themselves in the colorful harmony of nature with the simple life of people. 

Coming to Sapa Y Linh Ho tourist village, each season welcomes you with different beauties, which are the flower seasons and rice seasons that follow each other to brightly cover the road down to the village. All create amazingly beautiful poetic pictures.

Come to Linh Ho Province and touch the authentic rustic life of a quiet mountainous village. Photo: @elie.dl

The name Yi Linghu comes from the name of the first man who openly built the village – Mr. Lu Linghu. It is said that, in the past, Yi Linghu was originally a village of the Dao people. After some time, the Dao people left and the Hmong people set foot in this place, but they retained the name Yin Linh Ho to commemorate the person who built the village. 

To experience this Sapa tourist village, the best is to walk. Freely stroll to explore the trails around the village, watching Hmong girls weaving fabrics, children with brittle smiles playing on the veranda, in the gentle sunshine, the cold air in the mountains, immersed in the lyrically beautiful nature. You don't want to leave this place. 

You can stay overnight in Linh Ho Italy in homestays or resorts to catch the sunrise and enjoy this place to the fullest. 

Nowadays, near Y Linh Ho, there are more homestay and resort points convenient for guests to stay overnight. Photo: The Mong Ban Y Linh Ho Resort

Sin Chai village

Sin Chai is located right next to Cat Cat, which is a Sapa tourist village only about 5 km from the center of Sapa. 

The village is located right at the foot of Hoang Lien Son, completely surrounded by mountains with terraced fields that are also hundreds of years old. This place is the home of the Black Hmong people in Sa Pa. If Cat Cat is bustling with tourists all year round, Sin Chai is quiet and peaceful, as a refuge for those who want to find a quiet pristine Sapa. 

Sín Chai is wild and has an extremely peaceful beauty. Photo: @luhotrung

The most beautiful time of the year to come to Sín Chai is March 3, April – pouring water season, and September and October – golden ripe rice season. This is also the time when this Sapa tourist village is the most crowded, when you walk along the roads into the village, then swoon in front of the dazzling terraced fields like mirrors reflecting the sun. 

Or swoon at the golden ripe rice fields like silk swaying in the wind. May 12 – January 1, if you come to Sin Chai, you will also have the opportunity to watch the white snowy fields, feel the cold cut the flesh of the highlands, then swoop right into the ember stove with a bowl of warm corn wine, enjoy highland cuisine. 

Ticket price: 20.000 - 40.000 VND/person.

Prepare soft sandals for trekking to explore Sin Chai. Photo: Trekking Sin Chai

Sapa Lake village

Ban Ho is located in Southwest Sapa, about 30 km from the town center. As one of the tourist villages in Sapa attracting tourists, Ban Ho village has the inherent peaceful beauty of a typical Northwest village. Here, you leave all the hustle and bustle of daily life behind and step into a peaceful place with beautiful nature. 

Especially, this place has a relatively warm climate, not cold cut skin in winter like other places. The average temperature is about 18-25 degrees Celsius. This is because Ho village is surrounded by the Hoang Lien Son range.  

This Sapa tourist village is home to ethnic Tay, H'Mong, Dao, Giay ... where the Lave stream and the Amaranth stream meet, where the rice fields wind around and the houses on stilts loom by the streamside. 

The attractive beauty of a peaceful mountainous region in Ban Ho also attracts drivers who like to explore the wild scenery, like to experience thrills on the steep mountain passes.

To explore this Sapa tourist village, you can completely rent a motorbike or car from Sapa town and spend a whole day to experience this beautiful land. 

Coming to Ban Ho, you can visit the jumping fish waterfall, where the stream fish gather so much that it seems to be dancing under the waterfall. What is more interesting than bathing in the stream, enjoying the cool beer cans brewed under the cool water and enjoying grilled fish right on the shore, amid the wild scenery of mountains and forests. 

In Ban Ho, in addition to Muong Hoa stream, Lave stream, jumping fish waterfall, there is also an extremely large waterfall called Séo Trung Ho. Located deep in the heart of Hoang Lien Son with an altitude of over 100m, from a distance the waterfall is like a strip of white silk stretching across the middle of the mountain. A true and passionate beauty full of charm in the middle of the pristine Hoang Lien forest.

As one of the famous Sapa tourist villages, coming to Ban Ho, do not forget to experience delicious local cuisine such as wild meat dishes dipped with salt, chili peppers, lam rice, smoked sausages, sipping a little yeast wine, exploring the typical brocade weaving of local people. 

If you want to sleep, you can rent a homestay right in Ho village like H'Mong Mountain Retreat or sleep at a homestay for 200,000 – 800,000 VND per night. Surely you will have an unforgettable experience with this land. 

Ticket price: free

Come to Ho village and explore endless romantic streams. Photo: @julyogaflower

Giang Ta Chai village

Giang Ta Chai is located peacefully with pristine beauty nestled among the mountains and forests of the Northwest. Keeping in itself the typical culture of indigenous minorities, Sapa Giang Ta Chai tourist village attracts visitors with all its peace and gentleness. 

Sapa tourist village Giang Ta Chai is located in Ta Phin commune, about 11km from the center of Sapa town. Surrounding the village is a large primeval forest of up to 50ha, 30ha of regenerated forest with extremely rich flora and fauna. 

This place is the home of the Red Dao people in Sa Pa. Here, visitors will discover the lifestyle: how the Red Dao people in Sapa raise, cultivate as well as other traditional occupations such as brocade weaving, silver mosaic, casting, blacksmithing, knitting and jewelry making...

The peaceful Giang Ta Chai appeared in the fairy-tale early sunshine. Photo: @giuliacembali

The most beautiful time for you to visit Sa Pa Giang Ta Chai tourist village is from 9 to 3 months next year. From 9 to 11 months is the time when Giang Ta Chai in the autumn is dry, the rice ripens yellow under the clear blue sky. 

From December to March is the beginning of spring when the flowers are in full bloom, the branches of forest digging adorn the mountain forest. Coming to Giang Ta Chai at the beginning of the year, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in many traditional rituals of compatriots such as Tet dance ceremony "Put Tong", traditional wedding ceremony ha charming songs in early spring.


Explore the life of indigenous people, enjoy salted pork, spring fish, sour bamboo shoots ... will definitely make you have unforgettable memories. 

Ticket price: free

Trekking to explore Giang Ta Chai village is one of the definitely unforgettable experiences Photo: @adrisalido

Giang Phung Description

Referring to one of the ancient lands where the Mong people reside, it is impossible to ignore Ta Giang Phung – an ancient village hidden at the foot of the majestic Ngu Chi Son. 

As one of the ancient Sapa tourist villages on the border of the Fansipan range system, Ta Giang Phanh village is only about 28km from Sapa, but to go through this road takes more than an hour. 

Ta Giang Phanh is the homeland of the Dao and Hmong people. From O Quy Ho junction, tourists turn down the winding paved provincial road 155 through primeval forests with floating white clouds and mountainous fruits sold along the road to Giang Ta Phong. 

The name Giang Ta Phat in the local language means "large land with sunshine". This tranquil Sapa tourist village is located at the foot of Ngu Chi Son mountain with four seasons covered by fog, early sunshine, mountains and picturesque rice fields. 

Coming to Ta Giang Phong, it is impossible to ignore trekking Ngu Chi Son. Photo: Nguyen Trung Kien

Coming to this place, visitors will not be able to ignore the journey to explore Ngu Chi Son – a majestic and pristine 2859m high mountain. 

Attracting visitors to Ta Giang Phanh are also the picturesque terraced rice fields - once voted by Travel & Leisure magazine (of the US) as one of the 7 most magnificent terraced fields in Asia and the world. 

Endowed with an airy and cool climate, coming to Sapa Ta Giang Phanh tourist village in spring from 3 to 5 months, the morning is chilly, the noon is clear with warm sunshine and the evening is extremely pleasant. 

From 6 to 8 months is a cool, fresh time amidst a vast green color covering the village. This place becomes perfect for anyone to escape the sweltering urban heat.

September to October is the time when the yellow color covers the terraced fields, with light sunshine, clear air of autumn wind, sure to make anyone who has ever set foot on this land. 

Coming to Ta Giang Phong, this Sapa tourist village not only has beautiful scenery, not only delicious cuisine that captivates people, surely you can not ignore the delicious dishes from the specialty salmon here. 

Near the Cold Waterfall at the foot of Wuzhi Shan, there is also a very famous salmon farm. You can just visit the fish farming area, enjoy fresh salmon prepared right here or buy it as a gift for friends and family. 

Ticket price: free

In October, Ta Giang Phung is immersed in romantic morning mist and beautiful golden rice carpet. Photo: @thangwin13


Above are 8 famous Sapa tourist villages that have not gone yet, have not seen all the beauty of Sapa. 

Not only nature, scenery, cuisine or people, coming here, you will feel the harmony like a wonderful symphony of this land. Where you really feel touched a gentle, quiet but ancient Sapa, both majestic and poetic to the soul. 

If you are still wondering about the perfect schedule to explore the tourist villages of Sapa This great in the future, do not hesitate to contact Migo immediately for the most detailed and fastest advice.

Wish you have a wonderful trip to Sapa!

Image source: Multiple authors
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