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10 must-visit destinations when traveling to Sapa

Translated by Bing
Beautiful and brilliant, Sapa – the "lover in the mist" of the Northwest – is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. If you still do not know whether to arrange a complete exploration of Sapa, let Migo suggest to help you with the following 10 must-visit destinations when traveling to Sapa.

Muong Hoa Valley

About 10km from Sapa, the beautiful and quiet Muong Hoa valley is likened to the "muse" of the Northwest. This is also one of the places that owns the largest and most beautiful terraced fields in the Northwest.

Rice in Muong Hoa only transplants one crop a year. When the rice under the rice was glittering, the people here had just transplanted. That is when in April and May it rains, water returns, Hmong and Thai people lead water into narrow fields with only 3-4 plowed roads. The sun rises, the sun shines down on the edge of the field, meeting the water that is thrown upwards, sparkling like a smile's eyes. When there was a glare in the mirror again. People call it the Sapa season of pouring water, one of the two most beautiful seasons of the year in the Northwest.

Muong Hoa is so beautiful, peaceful and gentle that attracts many hearts. There are those who shoot to the fire of the camera who cannot capture this humble beauty. There are those who spend countless hours walking along the tiny trails that weave through the country without getting bored. There are those who like to wander around Muong Hoa, looking at the living people, smiling peacefully like heaven and earth. To be immersed in the dance of cowardice, sit by the stream to enjoy fragrant grilled fish, discover unique festivals, games and very own culture of indigenous Sapa residents.

Now, it's your turn. Come and feel Muong Hoa according to the sound of your heart!

Muong Hoa – one of the must-visit destinations when traveling to Sapa. Photo:

The calm stream of flowers weaves and the white field surface is slick with water reflecting the mirror of the sky. Photo: VnExpress, Mia

Sapa Sepaktakraw Bridge

Located in Ta Van village, about 10km from Sapa town. The small sepaktakraw bridge that is world famous in a photo taken by American tourist Skip Nall in 2006. He named it "The Bridge to the Jungle."

It is called the May Bridge, partly because the bridge is braided with strong rattan threads, under the skillful hands of the H'Mong ethnic people. The simple bridge deck is made of wooden planks fastened with rattan wire. Each board is about 20 cm apart.

From Sapa town, you can walk or rent a car to Lao Chai – Ta Van village, while enjoying the beauty of Muong Hoa valley along the way. Ta Van Sepaktakraw Bridge is only a few hundred meters from the ancient rock of Hou Hao – Ta Van, is one of the must-visit destinations when traveling to Sapa not to be missed.

In the past, May Bridge served people traveling from Ta Van into Sapa town. The bridge spanned the Hoa stream. On foggy days covering mountains and forests, walking between May Bridge feels like walking between 9 heavens, lightheaded and light.

The Sepaktakraw Bridge is called the "Bridge to the Green Forest". Photo: Internet

O Quy Ho Sky Gate

Located at an altitude of 2035m above sea level, O Quy Ho sky gate (or Sapa sky gate) is the highest road peak in the Northwest.

For those who are passionate about the majestic beauty of Sa Pa, O Quy Ho sky gate is a must-visit destination when traveling to Sapa not to be missed. This is a spectacular viewpoint. Under the sight of mountains and forests, people become small before majestic nature. Where only hands can be reached for the sun, where clouds fly beneath your feet, clouds swoop at eye level, heaven and earth seem to erase boundaries. Perhaps that's why the name here is Heaven's Gate.

Not only does it feel like you are enjoying the foreground, at the O Quy Ho sky gate, you can also sit and enjoy tea, enjoy Northwest cuisine or check in at many impressive "virtual living" spots such as the stone sky gate, lonely tree ...

If you want to enjoy the burning red sunset that scorches the horizon, the best time is around 5pm. Do not forget to bring extra warm clothes to avoid the cold wind and the cold of the high mountains very quickly when the sun is turned off.

Location information:

Ticket price: 80.000 VND (with one drink)

Lonely tree at the heavenly gate of O Quy Ho. Photo: Internet

O Quy Ho café. Photo:

Sapa Night Market

Sapa night market is like a brocade painting reflecting the unique cultural colors of the life of ethnic people here. Coming to the night market, you will be attracted to the stalls of clothes, bags, towels ... colorful, exquisitely crafted items, fragrant night dishes and four-season vegetables in the Northwest.

The market runs from 4pm to 10pm, located right in the center of town. Sessions are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week.

The most enjoyable way to explore the night market is on foot, so you can swoop into any stall you like. Remember to dress warmly because Sapa night will be very cold, bring a few items to buy takeout. Do not forget to prepare yourself a soul thirsty for discovery and an empty stomach to enjoy barbecue, grilled lam rice, grilled chestnuts ...

Admission: free

Sapa Night Market meets from 4pm to 12pm. The market sells colorful brocade items and many attractive grills to fill your hungry stomach. Photo: Mia

Ham Rong Sapa Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is only about 3km from the center of Sapa town, located right behind the stone church. In addition to being a large "fairy garden" with green flowers and plants, this place is also attractive because of its "prime" location for cloud hunting. The name Ham Rong comes from the top of the mountain with a shape similar to the dragon's head pointing towards the blue sky, the dragon's tail squeezed up to the gate of O Quy Ho sky.

Exploring Ham Rong, visitors start from the gate to the back of the Stone Church, play in the colorful Ham Rong flower garden, get lost in the pristine Thach Lam rock garden, then stop on the top of Ham Rong, where the whole town below bathes under the cloud or clear sunshine.

Sapa sunset, from the top of Ham Rong quietly looking down at the mist that is hanging over the town, the mountain street lights up. The town blazed as if to burn in mist.

In spring or summer, Ham Rong welcomes guests with brilliant flowers and green vegetation. From October to the end of the year, when the rice has begun to ripen, the cloud hunting season begins.

Location information:

Admission: 30.000 – 70.000 VND / child – adult

Opening hours: 7.00 am – 6.00 pm

Ham Rong Mountain - a must-visit destination when traveling to Sapa. Photo: Internet

Valley of Roses

The Valley of Roses is surrounded by the Ham Rong range and the Hoang Lien Son range which is likened to the "garden of Eden" on the ground in Sa Pa.

Rose Valley is about 2.5km from the center of Sapa town, stretching from Muong Hoa climbing station area to the cable car area of Sun World Fansipan Legend. The valley has more than 150 unique types of roses, over 30,000 pink roots are carefully cultivated. From Sapa ancient rose, red climbing rose, Ecuadorian rose, Hue ancient rose, Son La ancient rose, Hai Phong ancient rose, female elemental rose, cinnamon son pink ... to the "million dollar roses" imported from England, Japan, France such as Aoi pink, Juliet pink, Éclair, Spirit of Freedom, Black Baccarat pink ....

The most beautiful time to visit the Rose Valley is early morning, when the morning dew still lingers on the colorful rose petals, the passionate floral aroma is intertwined with pure morning aroma. From the town center, you can take motorbikes, cars or travel by Muong Hoa funicular here.

Location information:

Address: Hamlet 1, Muong Hoa Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province.

Ticket price: 70.000 VND

Rose Valley is a must-visit destination when traveling to Sapa with more than 150 different types of roses. One of the ways to enjoy the beauty of the valley is through the glass window of Muong Hoa funicular. Photo:

Sapa Ancient Church

As beautiful as an ancient love letter, is the Sapa stone church, where thousands of couples take wedding photos. Since 1895, the old European church with white stone walls still stands there, peaceful in the afternoon.

Sapa ancient church is located in the center of town, leaning back against the Ham Rong range, in front of which is a spacious empty courtyard for local community activities. The church stands out with Romanesque Gothic architecture through its arched doors, bell towers and colored glass panes that make visitors feel like they are lost in a church space in faraway France.

Touching the white wall, listening to the rhythm of my footsteps walking on the ancient stone brick floor, watching the light shine through the stained glass frames, it seems that time slows down forever.

Location information

Admission: free

Opening Time: 8.00 – 18.00

Sapa stone church is as beautiful as an ancient painting in the afternoon. Photo: Internet

Silver Falls

Fierce but calm, noisy but sometimes quiet, Silver Waterfall is hidden in the middle of the jungle, then suddenly from thousands of miles high pours down to white rushing, creating ecstatic 3D natural paintings. The gentle waterfall pleases the eager guests with fresh and fresh water.

Bac Waterfall is located on the way from Sapa to O Quy Ho, extremely convenient for visitors to stop to enjoy the scenery and rest. The best time of year to go see the falls is from 6 to 10 months. Silver Waterfall is always in the Top must-visit destinations when traveling to Sapa.

Ticket to Silver Waterfall: 20.000đ

Opening hours: 8h30 – 17h00

Silver Waterfall – a stream of white hair that falls on the shoulders of the majestic Hoang Lien range Photo: vietnamdiscovery

O Quy Ho Pass

As one of the longest and most dangerous passes in the Northwest, O Quy Ho in every backpacker's dream is like a "badgirl" who is both adventurous, lyrical and inviting.

That "muse" is at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, when it is sunny and windy, warm and clear, when it rains cold and foggy, 2m apart without clearly seeing human faces. Riding a motorbike on the pass not only satisfies the craving for adventure with the narrow bends on the steep slopes of the office boy, but also makes the photography enthusiast burn one roll of film after another, even "shoot to the fire" by the endless beauty of the mountains and forests of the Northwest of Vietnam.

Fansipan Legend

If you are traveling with your family, children or only have 1-2 days to stay in Sapa, Sun World Fansipan legend is the right choice to both enjoy the scenery, have fun, eat conveniently while having beautiful photos to bring back.

Sun World Fansipan legend with the train system and cable car to the top of Fansipan not only helps you "speed up" the process of arriving at the highest peak of Indochina, it is also a trip through the land full of fragrant flowers and strange grasses throughout 4 seasons at the train station and along the way. Discover spiritual stops among the clouds and forests such as Luohan Road, Bich Van Zen Temple, Amitabha Buddha Statue, Thanh Van Dac Lo. And enjoy temperate cuisine.

Ropeway ticket to Fansipan

  • Weekdays (7.00 - 18.00): 550.000 – 750.000 VND/child- adult (+100.000 vnd with buffet)
  • Saturday morning (7.00 – 11.59) & holidays: 650.000 – 850.000VND / child- adult - Muong Hoa funicular ticket (up): 100.000 VND
  • Fansipan funicular ticket (up): 70.000 VND

Fansipan Legend is one of the 10 must-visit destinations when traveling to Sapa with many interesting stopovers.

Photo: Sun world Fansipan Legend

Don't forget to check in at the four seasons flower garden, Muong Hoa railway station and spiritual destinations along the journey to the top of Fansipan such as Bich Van Zen Temple. Photo: Sunworld Fansipan Legend

The white snow is hazy and impressive at the foot of the statue of Amitabha. Photo: Sun World Fansipan Legend

Perhaps the 10 must-visit destinations when traveling to Sapa above are not enough, you will hear more "rumors" about a charming destination like Sapa.

Migo hopes that the above suggestions will help you choose for yourself interesting stops in the upcoming Sapa trip. What are you waiting for? Pick up your backpack!

And don't forget to share your Sapa experience with us below this article!

Image source: Multiple authors
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