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6 most beautiful beaches not to be missed when traveling to Binh Thuan

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Referring to Binh Thuan, visitors will immediately remember famous beaches such as Mui Ne or Phan Thiet. But Binh Thuan also owns many other beautiful beaches that still retain their pristine beauty, attracting many tourists. Join Migo to find out the 6 most beautiful beaches in Binh Thuan right below.

1. Chicken millet sign

Mui Ke Ga is a familiar and famous beach for tourists when traveling in Binh Thuan. Ke Ga cape still retains its pristine beauty with the most unique feature is the walking path to the sea, along with the stone slabs stacked on top of each other to delight many tourists. The beauty here is also embellished by granite slabs and poplar ridges stretching on the coast.

Starting from the center of Phan Thiet City, you can move east and run along the coastal road about 20km long until you meet the rugged rocky snouts, strange shapes that have come to Mui Ke Ga.

Outstanding activities include walking on the overland road to the sea, enjoying fresh seafood at super cheap prices or visiting the highest lighthouse in Southeast Asia, which is a prominent symbol that cannot be ignored when coming to Mui Ke Ga.

Note, with the road to the sea, you should move cautiously, should go barefoot and avoid playing because it is easy to trip.

2. Ancient Sea

Co Thach is the most unique and new beach in Binh Thuan. The highlight here is the beach with rocks of all shapes and sizes, covered with layers of moss green rocks creating a rustic and peaceful scene.

There are many interesting activities, in which you can relax with a healthy Vinh Hao mineral mud bath, visit the 7-color rock, stroll on the Sand Hill and admire a beautiful sea sky or visit the unique architecture at Ong Nam Hai Mausoleum...

From 3rd to 5th month of the calendar is the time when moss is covered with green along the rocks, so it is ideal for traveling and visiting Co Thach Sea. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the factors of the day such as the tide because too low tide will cause the moss layer to dry out or high, it will hide the beauty its unique verdant green.

To go to Co Thach beach, you run along National Highway 1A to Lien Huong Tuy Phong junction 3, turn right and run about 3km to come.

The Ancient Thach Sea is covered with moss green in Binh Thuan. Source: Gonatour

3. Ganh Son Beach

From Co Thach tourist area, you continue to move a distance of about 5km to go into Chi Son commune in Tuy Phong district, then continue to ask people how to move to Ganh Son beach.

Ganh Son Beach is quite a prominent destination of Co Thach tourist area, Binh Thuan with the fresh, cool and pristine beauty of the early morning dawn or a little sad, romantic of the sunset.

Looming over the sea are small boats and baskets of fishermen who are fishing, further emphasizing the peaceful and rustic beauty of this place. If Cam Binh beach is like a vibrant miniature coastal city, Ganh Son beach has the characteristics of peaceful and peaceful countryside.

In particular, the color here has the harmony between the red of the rocky beaches, the blue of the sea and the pure white sand along the sea. In addition, you will also feel a bit of the slow pace of life of the fishing village, similar to Mui Ne fishing village.

Ganh Son Beach with vibrant colors. Source: Mytour

4. Hon Straw Beach

Hon Rom Beach is located in Long Son hamlet, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet city, convenient to move, belongs to the outstanding Mui Ne resort of Binh Thuan.

Hon Rom Beach is a suitable suggestion in the list of the most beautiful beaches in Binh Thuan with beautiful sunset scenery that impresses tourists.

The characteristic of Hon Rom sea is that the waves are quite gentle, especially without reefs. The most beautiful sea time is in the early morning, afternoon, sunset and night watching the moonrise.

In Hon Rom, there are many beaches such as Hon Rom 1, Hon Rom 2 or Thuy Trang, so for those who like to swim and want to supplement "vitamin sea", you definitely cannot ignore this destination. In addition, Hon Rom also has a small Binh Thuan sand dune for you to have space to take virtual live photos or participate in interesting sand skiing games....

Hon Straw beach with green coconut trees. Source: Tintravel

5. Mui Ne

Mui Ne is located right in the center of Phan Thiet city, so it will not be too difficult to find a way to move like other locations.

Here, visitors can freely roam and enjoy the charming beautiful scenery on the sea island. The characteristics of this place are reflected in the coconut trees shading the beach or dotted with cliffs eroded over time by the relentless crashing waves.

In addition, Mui Ne beach is also known as a resort paradise with super beautiful and luxurious resorts, if you have conditions, you can book a room here to be able to enjoy the feeling of being immersed in this place and enjoy the space whenever you want.

Mui Ne is a famous tourist destination, so here will be indispensable for entertainment. Including kitesurfing is the most prominent game. In addition, there are also games such as volleyball on the sea, kayaking ... Make sure you will have the most fun and fulfilling moments here.

Mui Ne - A famous resort paradise in Vietnam. Source: Phan Thiet Tourism.

6. Cam Binh Lagi Beach

Cam Binh Beach is located right in the center close to National Highway 55, which is an extremely suitable place for those who choose the starting point from Vung Tau or Saigon to travel to Ninh Thuan with a distance not very far.

Cam Binh Beach is an ideal beach for you to immerse yourself in the nature of the sea and the night scene becomes more sparkling and wonderful when the presence of Coco Beach Camp campsite is currently loved and explored by many young people.

If asked about the most ideal Binh Thuan beach to experience fun with friends, this will definitely be the best suggestion. In addition to camping and a diverse and rich accommodation, you can also participate in many interesting games on the sea such as kayaking, windsurfing, dancing with friends or with loved ones with BBQ parties....

Source: Internet

The journey to explore the seas and islands in Binh Thuan always brings us colorful experiences and many attractive and attractive things. At least coming to Binh Thuan, you must definitely visit the 6 most beautiful beaches that Migo has just suggested above!

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