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Dak Lak tourism sites always have great appeal to people who like backpacking travel. The scenery of Dak Lak is as stark as the hero's appearance in the immortal epics and as soft as the hair of a Central Highland girl: the Serepok River, Yok Don National Park, Chu Yang Sin Mount, Lak Lake, Dray Sap - Dray Nur Waterfalls,...

Best Time To Visit Dak Lak

You should visit Dak Lak during the dry season from October last year to early May next year.

November - December is the time when they harvest coffee and rubber foliage change color. It's also the season of wildflowers in full bloom.

In January through March, you will be immersed in the atmosphere of the exciting coffee festival and the season of coffee flowers blooming white.

In April and May, it is a good time to watch famous waterfalls splash white foam such as Dray Nur Falls, Dray Sap Falls...


Both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have direct flights to Buon Ma Thuot and the airport is only about 8 kilometers from the city center, so you don't have to worry about the transportation.


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Red vermicelli - a must-try delicacy when coming to Dak Lak

Red vermicelli is a popular dish of Dak Lak people with bold flavor of mountains and forests in the Central Highlands. At first glance, many people will mistake red noodles for vermicelli noodles or noodle soup in places. However, unlike these types, simple red vermicelli with ingredients including large noodles, ball rolls and boiled quail eggs. To create a beautiful color, people use a pot of water to mix cashew nuts and then pluck (blanch) the noodles for a few minutes to have a beautiful natural red color. But to make a delicious bowl of red noodles, the famous must be mentioned broth. The pork bones are simmered and then boiled with crab juice to form a sweet, cool and rich broth. In addition, the pork belly is pureed, mixed with chopped dried onions, pepper and then balled into small balls to make patties, boiled with crab juice until tender, infused with spices. The bowl of red vermicelli noodles through the skillful hands of the processor becomes attractive with soft, chewy noodles, the brown color of crab moss, the pink color of the patties, the white color of quail eggs ... Some restaurants, depending on the preferences of customers, add bean sprouts or sweet vegetables and drizzle on top of fragrant onions and fat. People usually sell red noodles in the afternoon until late. In the middle of the cold mountain town, enjoy hot red noodles, the aromatic sweetness of meat, crab juice, quail eggs ... Stick on the tip of your tongue. You can easily find red noodles in market shops or simple trolleys, but there are more shops on Phan Dinh Giet Street. Simply easy to cook and easy to eat, says as many visitors from far away visit the mountain town: " Nothing is better than in the windy weather at the end of the year. Sit trotters around a small table, squeeze a piece of lemon, add a little minced chili, a little shrimp paste to a bowl of red vermicelli. That's enough to get the whole bowl away." Source: General

Food & Drinks 07/08/2023

Red vermicelli - a must-try delicacy when coming to Dak Lak

Red vermicelli noodles of people in Buon Me Thuot, Dak Lak are served with cannabis vegetables, sprouts and some additives such as crispy fried fat and boiled quail eggs.

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Dray Nur is the pride of the Highlanders. Those who go far remember, who are near are loved. The sound of the cascade cascading night and day like the power of the great thousand reverberated, full of pride and fierceness.
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Dray Sap Waterfall is located in Duc Lap Hamlet, Dak Sôr, Krong No, Dak Nong Province. This location is 39km from the center of Buon Me Thuot city, but it is quite easy to find because this is the connection point of Dak Lak and Dak Nong provinces.
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