Daffodil Falls

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Xã Ea Puk huyện Krông Năng tỉnh Đắk Lắk
Tháng 4 - Tháng 9
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"Daffodil Waterfall or also known as Three-Storey Waterfall is a famous sight of Dak Lak province. Dak Lak Waterfall is like the gentle hair stream of a fairy in the middle of the wild mountains and forests. On the way to the waterfall, you will swoon in the middle of the vast landscape, hidden somewhere are the streams that are hiding behind the green forest leaves. The sound of birds chirping, the mountains and hills faltering, the sound of streams rattling like love songs. Somewhere in the middle of the majestic natural scenery of the mountains and hills, the Waterfall of Daffodils winding across the forest as a unique dot on the watercolor painting. It's all like telling old legends imbued with love."
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It’s pretty easy to get to here. We were met by three individuals (who we thought were ‘security’) who asked for 20k dong, which we paid. After being at the dragon slide for like 5 minutes we heard a whistle, which turned out to be ‘actual security’. He first told us 40k each, but before we could answer he just told us to go (even though other people arrived and we informed him we paid already). So we took out bikes back to the entrance, waited a couple minutes then walked back around without seeing him again.

It’s deffo worth the trip as it’s different to usual site-seeing and quite interesting. Just be wary & prepared to pay 40k dong as it isn’t 20k anymore, unless you can avoid security ;)

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Xa Ea Puk huyen Krong Nang tinh Dak Lak
Thang 4 - Thang 9