Ba Mu Pagoda

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Ba Mu Pagoda preserves the architecture of Asian breath, which is the unique cultural intersection of Hoi An commercial port. This work also reflects the rich cultural and spiritual life of Minh Huong villagers, Hoi An. The gate of Tam Quan Pagoda looked at the street with a deep face, witnessing the changes of Hoi Street. This place was once rated as the most beautiful architecture in Quang. The unique architecture, elaborate carvings, outstanding colors of this building make visitors to the old town and passing by want to stop by to take commemorative photos. This is also the place for photographers who want to capture colorful photos of Hoi Street. The ruins of Ba Mu Pagoda were first built in 1626 under the reign of Emperor Hy Ton Hieu (the title of lord Nguyen Phuc Nguyen) at another location, which was later relocated to its current location.
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So 675 duong Hai Ba Trung, thanh pho Hoi An, Quang Nam