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Top reasons to stay at Avana Retreat - Mai Chau

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Enjoying 3 days and 2 nights at the beautiful Avana Retreat is an extremely memorable and exciting experience for Team Migo. So, what's good about Avana on this trip?

After a long period of lockdown, travel between cities has finally been eased. Team Migo has chosen Mai Chau as the first destination for this Covid outing.

Green space, in harmony with nature

The first impression of the resort is undoubtedly the space covered with fresh green and cloudy clouds. About 30km from the center of Mai Chau town, Avana Retreat is an isolated complex, ideal for visitors who want to find a place to "hide", escape from smog and daily worries.

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The Avana complex includes hills, waterfalls, ... The campus also has diverse flora, ranging from brightly flowering trees to tropical fruit trees. Although the path is a bit steep and difficult to walk, this is also the intention of the founder: the terrain is still closest to nature and the tram is comfortable to shuttle guests to any point in the resort. Just using the Avana app, customers can easily submit requests for all types of services as well as read more information about the resort.

The tram takes you to the check-in photo spot, embracing the panoramic view of the green Mai Chau valley. Team Migo was very fortunate to capture beautiful scenes on a cool sunny day here.

Clear Northwest cultural inspiration

Mai Chau is the homeland of the Thai, Muong and Mong people. Each ethnic group has its own nuances. When the local culture inspires the style of the resort, Avana easily makes visitors curious to learn everything about this place and also nostalgic by the charm of the architecture, the interior is invested and cared for in every detail. The resort includes terraced fields, which are open to local people to cultivate and harvest. They can fully enjoy their achievements without any extra cost.

The roof detail of the resort is taken from the image of the Muong people's house. The entire earthen wall follows the culture of the Hmong people. Other decorative items such as pillows, carpets, baskets, ... are custom-made by local people - both creating a mark for Avana and an opportunity for people to have more income to cover their lives.

Infinity pool with breathtaking view, warm water all year round

Coming to Avana, not experiencing the infinity pool would be a mistake! The exquisite two-tier tank design creates a beautiful highlight amidst the unspoiled natural scenery. Upstairs is the main tank that 'launches' views to natural terraces and waterfalls. The lower floor is an extra tank, suitable for children who want to "submerge, dive" in warm, clean water. The spectacular panoramic view of Mai Chau valley right in front of your eyes, this is definitely the highlight of the experience in Avana.

The most unique meditation and wellness space in the North

As a retreat area, Avana creates a large wellness space with many private rooms for guests to have the most comprehensive experience. The special feature of this area is the path following the natural waterfall, leading to the gym, separate meditation rooms and 8 self-contained spa rooms. The sound of waterfalls and mountain forests is the way to create the deepest "mood" for meditation, relaxing the mind and being in harmony with nature.


Avana is also steadfast in the direction of sustainable tourism when not using plastic products in its operating process. All care products, reaching users are utilized from local sources, both ensuring quality as well as saving maximum shipping and packaging costs.

In addition to the above impressions, Avana Retreat is a suitable destination for family groups who want to gather on weekends, change the atmosphere. Guests can relax with an open-air cinema after dinner or visit the library, herbal gallery, and stilt house museum showcasing and showcasing local products and history. Team Migo also looks forward to coming back next time to experience more interesting activities such as jeep riding around the valley, trekking around the resort area,...

A day without using electronic devices, without television in Avana, for those who wish to relax in the peaceful space of mountains and forests and poetic with the scent of flowers and sunshine.

Video: Lin Linh/Lana

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