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Top places to see beautiful flowers in the early winter

Translated by Bing

Late autumn and winter is the time when hundreds of flowers begin to bloom. If you are a lover of the colors of nature, you can not miss the places below.

Moc Chau White Cabbage Paradise

Located in Son La province, Moc Chau is famous for its lyrical scenery. Besides the white plum season that fascinates so many people, this land is also considered the most beautiful mustard flower paradise in Vietnam every time the east wind comes back. Coming to Moc Chau around November and December every year, you will admire the fields of cabbage flowers stretching endlessly on the hillsides and valleys. The winding roads across the white silk carpet make Moc Chau romantically beautiful like a muse of the mountains and forests.

The most beautiful places to see white cabbage flowers in Moc Chau are Pá Dam village, BanÁng, Na Ka plum valley, Dwarf village, Moc Chau Farm town. 

Ha Giang Triangle

Ha Giang is the northernmost province of Vietnam. With majestic mountains, beautiful scenery 4 seasons of the year, Ha Giang always clings to anyone who once came to this land. In particular, at the end of autumn and early winter, the land of Nho Que River, Ma Pì Lèng Pass, put on the pink shirt of the buckwheat flowers blooming pink all over the hillsides, terraces, valleys along the winding roads in Sichuan, Luo Owl, Vice Table, Dang Apple ... The most beautiful blooming triangle time in Ha Giang is from October to December.

Hanoi eyelash Daisy

Every late autumn and early winter, ha thanh sisters invite each other to take pictures in the garden of eyelash paintings. The feminine but vibrant white flower is a speciality of Hanoi every late autumn and winter. The pure, clear white color of the eyelash buttons filled the gardens in the red river rock, Long Bien, The West Lake flower valley, and then gently descended the street on the flower bicycles that have become a characteristic of Hanoi in november and December.

Wildflower season

Bringing the idyllic but brilliant beauty, full of vitality, the wild kneeling in the winter sun makes beautiful trails like fairy tales always beckoning those who love nature every winter occasion. You can easily find the hillsides covered with bright yellow color if you come to Da Lat, Gia Lai, Ba Vi (Hanoi), Moc Chau, Dien Bien in November, December every year.

Mop season

When the earth slowly steps from autumn to winter, the white mop grass blooms. If you do not reach Binh Lieu (Quang Ninh), you can also easily see the white moped pastures at the coordinates near Hanoi. From October to December, the slopes in Bu Hill, Chuong My are about 50km from the center of Hanoi, covered with white wipes to create a beautiful romantic and poetic scenery. In particular, the sunset in the white wipe fields will definitely make you want to come back here many more times. In addition, Bu Hill is also a famous paragliding place. Watching the fields of white wipes from above is something that many shifting devotees desire to experience once in a lifetime.

Cherry blossoms on Oolong Tea Hill, Sa Pa

In early December every year, hundreds of bright cherry blossom trees show off on Oolong tea hill, about 7 km from Sa Pa town.

This is a tea farm, grown alternately cherry apricots. The pink color in the winter sun stands out among the blue background located at the foot of the floating white cloud mountain always attracts photographers, nature lovers to come here.

Writer: Xuan Phuong

Photo: Internet

Image source: Multiple authors
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