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TOP 5 emerging resorts for weekend trips around Hanoi

Translated by Bing
Not having to drive too far, there are many emerging resorts around Hanoi for you to rest and relax with your family. Check out this list to decide on your weekend getaway.

1. Amaya Home Soc Son Lodge Spa & Restaurant

Amaya Home Soc Son is located 28 km from Hanoi city, about 45 minutes drive. The resort takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the capital's streets, back to quiet and relaxing nature.

The resort has quite modern taste, with only 4500m2, operating from December 2020 with 11 lovely rooms, area from 25 - 56m2 with different design styles bringing a cozy and luxurious feeling. The rooms are clad in pine wood imported from New Zealand with a distinctive aroma.

Amaya home has facilities from swimming pool, spa, zipline area for children, cinema room and karaoke in the basement so you can relax and have fun with your loved ones. Put down your electronic devices completely to immerse yourself in nature, grass and flowers, walk on pine hills, pick sim flowers. Take a deep breath to enjoy the fresh, fresh air before heading back to busy city life

  • Address: Junction 3 Rope Kite Slope, Soc Son Hanoi
  • Price range: From 1.700.000vnd/room
  • Facebook:

Photo: Amaya Home Soc Son

2. Tet Village Dai Lai

If you want to stay in the earthen houses of the Ha Nhi people or learn about the culture of ethnic groups, you will see through creativity and meticulous care to each house, lake or garden.

If you love nature and quiet, you will love this place because of the green color of the romantic gardens. If you are nostalgic, you will have empathy when looking for the antiquity of the brick banks, village wells, ancient kettles or vases decorated in the room

Tet Village Dai Lai is very large with 14 hectares, operating in December 2020 and quite picky. This place wants to find souls that are close to nature, love to explore and learn about culture, not tourists who like comfortable and noisy places.

  • Address: Thanh Cao Village, Ngoc Thanh Commune, Ngoc Thanh Street, Phuc Yen, Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc.
  • Price range: From 3.500.000vnd/room
  • Facebook:

Photo: Tet Village Dai Lai

3. Puluong rice

Located in a small valley in Pu Luong nature reserve, Lua Pu Luong opened at the end of 2020, 4000m2 with 6 bungalows and 4 rooms. The resort is surrounded by mountains, green and fragrant rice fields in front of it.

The place is rustic and rustic, each bungalow is specially designed unlike the same, using all locally available natural materials such as wood, giant bamboo, threads and leaf roofs. It is such environmentally friendly materials that create a cool atmosphere.

The resort is made with the enthusiasm of a petite girl who wants to preserve traditional Thai culture. The waiters here are all indigenous people taught by her how to cook, how to serve, how to do sustainable tourism. An indigenous eco-tourism area, very private, isolated and extremely rustic and simple. That is the reason that Pu Luong Silk has attracted so many guests in recent years

  • Address: Leo village, Thanh Lam commune, Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa
  • Price range: From 1.900.000/room
  • Facebook:

Photo by: Lua Puluong

4. Bakhan Village Resort

Located right on the mountainside of Khan Ha village overlooking the green valley and Da River lakebed of Hoa Binh hydropower, Bakhan Village Resort opened in September 2019. This place is 130km from Hanoi, about 3 hours drive. The 3-hectare resort with 30 rooms of all kinds, amidst diverse planted stone fields and a natural stream makes this place a new, unique and attractive destination.

You will feel the local culture clearly when 95% of the staff here are Muong. The combination of contemporary elegance with local rustic creates an open space while retaining natural values such as water, stone and plants.

Relax by the green gardens, enjoy the largest mountain infinity pool of 500m2. Participating in activities such as kayaking, river boating, cooking with locals, walking, cycling are experiences that make your trip more enjoyable and memorable.

  • Address: No. 1, Ba Khan, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
  • Price range: From 1.500.000vnd/room
  • Facebook:

Photo: Bakhan Village Resort

5. Avana Retreat

A mountain resort surrounded by primeval forests, rice fields, valleys, hills, streams and natural waterfalls of Mai Chau, Hoa Binh. Operating in April 2021, the 15ha resort with 41 villas will bring you an extremely spacious, private and quiet space.

You will see a natural waterfall cascading down like white bib strips. Meditation, yoga, reading and listening to the sound of streams flowing in the Spa area are very pleasant.

Opportunity to learn about the culture of the Muong, Thai and H'mong people when the resort develops in a sustainable way: 90% of employees are indigenous, no plastic, minimizing waste. Witness the lives of the people with "The buffalo goes before the plough follows" or watch the farmers farm right in the resort. These idyllic things make you not feel like you are staying in 1 resort but in a beautiful village of the northern mountains.

  • Address: Lang Penh, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
  • Price range: From 3.700.000vnd/room
  • Website:

Photo: Avana Retreat

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