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Top 5 villages must check-in when coming to Ha Giang

Translated by Bing
Ha Giang tourism in every season is beautiful. On autumn days, come live in one of these beautiful villages for a few days to enjoy the wonderful highland atmosphere of Ha Giang rocky highlands.

1. Nam Dam (Management)

Nam Dam village is located about 50km from the center of HG city, beautiful road straight to National Highway 4c. Roads in Nam Dam village are small winding roads. On both sides of the road are terraced fields, green meadows and wild flowers overgrown. In recent years, the village has grown a lot of peach and plum orchards, so if you come this Tet holiday, it is also a great choice

The highlight here is the long-standing houses of the Dao ethnic group. Here is a form of community tourism, you will experience the daily life of the people, go to break corn, pick vegetables, cook ... The Dao people living in Nam Dam still retain their national cultural identity, reflected in traditional customs and rituals, typically the ordination ceremony – a ritual that no Dao man ignores, being granted a new rank is considered an adult.

Some hostel suggestions in Nam Dam: Chook bunggalow, Toong homestay, Mun homestay,...

2. Far away (charismatic is )

Lao Xa belongs to Sung La commune - Dong Van. From National Highway 4c, Lung Cam section goes up about 4km, you will see the road turn left into the village, the road to the village is small, zigzag, there are 1 number of steep steep sections, sharp turns, if you go on a rainy day, the road is slippery and steep, it is easy to be dangerous.

The most beautiful time is spring, at this time the whole village is like 1 flower coat. The most prominent are peach blossoms, plum blossoms, even canola blossom flaps Next to the folds of the house lie high and low layers, stone walls, interspersed with beautiful cat-eared rocks. You can stroll around the whole village with many 100-year-old ancient walled houses, visit the handmade silver foundry (the ancient empty boat craft of the Buy family) and stay at Lao Xa Homestay Hmong Ancient House!

3. Lo Lo Chai (Lung Cu)

Lo Lo Chai is located in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district. only 1km from Lung Cu Flagpole. Coming to this place, you will be held back by peaceful natural scenery: houses with yin-yang tile roofs, brown earthen walls, stone fences, terraced fields, rice banks, corn fields, ... and especially the extremely warm, enthusiastic and hospitable human affection.

Places that can be visited here such as Lung Cu Flagpole, cloud hunting at the landscape hut - the northernmost point, trekking landmarks 422-428, walking around Lo Lo village, Xín Min Kha, Ta Giao Khau, Séo Lung ,... Night grilling chicken, drinking corn wine, heating wood stoves, talking to each other about people's stories.

There are about 15 households making homestays such as LoLo Ancient House, The Lover Lo Lo Chai, Na Na homestay,...

4. Thien Huong (Dong Van)

Thien Huong ancient village - an ancient village more than 100 years old, located 5km from Dong Van town. Standing in Dong Van ancient town, you can easily ask the direction to enter Thien Huong. Just think about entering Thien Huong on a dry, sunny day. Because in that 5km stretch of road there is more than the first 1km of very bad road, lots of soil, potholes and gravel. I used to try to go on a rainy day and then had to give up halfway. The road to Thien Huong ancient village is located right on the border belt, we can easily see the other side of China and the Nho Que River between 2 mountain ranges dividing it.

There is 1 home house called Homie House. Simple house, everything handmade, the owner has full room service, dining, coffee, trekking, camp ...

5. Du Lao (Yen Ming)

Du Gia is 1 commune in Yen Minh district, famous for its peaceful, pristine beauty with majestic natural landscape by rivers and mountains, clouds and passes like a fairy landscape that anyone who comes here must admit.

The road from Meo Vac to Du Old is quite difficult for a girl like me, many long, vertical slopes, many bends, bumps, potholes, imaginary elephant holes like bouncing off the car... but in return the scenery is extremely satisfying.

You can choose from homes such as Du Gia homestay, Du Gia Panoroma, I am thick Du Gia Village,...


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