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Enjoy lunch bun cha and iced tea in Hanoi

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It is not difficult to find a delicious bun cha restaurant in the streets of Hanoi. The taste of grilled meat, greens, vermicelli and dipping sauces creates an impressive delicacy that many visitors love.

Bun cha is a Vietnamese dish, consisting of vermicelli, pork patties grilled over charcoal and a bowl of sweet and spicy fish sauce. The dish originates from the North of Vietnam, is the most enduring gift of Hanoi, so it can be considered as one of the typical specialties of Ha Thanh cuisine.

Bun cha usually has two types of patties at the same time: Ball rolls and patties, depending on food preferences, sometimes diners only choose one of the two. Spring rolls are made from lean pork shoulder meat minced very finely, marinated with salt, pepper, fish sauce above 35 degrees protein, sugar, finely chopped dried onions, vegetable oil or water fat. Depending on the freshness of the meat, after mixing the seasonings, if the meat seems a little dry, add a little oil so that the meat easily binds when molded into pieces the size of 2 fingers and then press to slightly flatten. If you like to be more sophisticated, wrap each patty once banana leaves and then bake, the patties will not be darker and more fragrant.

Using lean shoulder meat to make patties is a delicate option that has traditionally been made because lean shoulders are firm but not as loose as thigh meat, not as tender as butt meat... This makes the meat when finely chopped and then reshaped, the patty piece is more firm than using other parts of meat.

Each shop has its own impressive highlight

And patties usually use armpit meat or pork belly (bacon) thinly sliced seasoned similar to ball rolls and grilled golden on charcoal. Depending on the taste of each person, you can order whole patties or balls to eat with noodles. Meat pieces are usually filtered out of the skin so that when grilled, it does not get hard and burnt. If you use too lean meat (butt, tenderloin) when grilling, it will not taste good because the patties are dry and hard

Meat after marinating is folded into skewers or grates, baked over charcoal. When the meat is cooked fragrant and smelly, place it in a bowl of fish sauce mixed with a full sour, salty, sweet taste, along with green papaya (or kohlrabi, carrot) mixed with vinegar. The bowl of fish sauce can be eaten and slurped, served with vermicelli and raw vegetables (including lettuce, coriander, basil, coriander, marjoram, perilla, bean sprouts).

Bun cha is usually eaten at noon. Choosing the time to enjoy bun cha seems to be an art of time: eating bun cha at what time is appropriate.

Bun cha has become a world-famous delicacy and one of the delicious dishes to try when coming to Vietnam.

Bun cha Obama at Bun cha Huong Lien

Tell you the delicious bun cha restaurants in Hanoi

Tuyet Bun Cha - 34 Hang Than

A bowl of vermicelli noodles has 3 types of delicious patties: minced rolls, patties and river bone leaf rolls and especially indispensable charcoal grilled meat.

Bun cha Sinh Tu - Many establishments

A portion of Sinh Tu noodle rolls is said to be full and makes you full. A bowl of noodles is filled with raw vegetables, melon sprouts, and meat seasoned very well.

Bun cha Huong Lien - 24 Le Van Huu

This is the Hanoi bun cha restaurant that was once visited by US President Obama. Therefore, the shop is always crowded, mainly tourists. 

Bun cha 41 - 41 Cua Dong

A set of pilaf costs 50,000 VND, a little higher than other noodle cha restaurants, but the noodles, grilled meat, and spring rolls are added a lot.

Bun cha Dac Kim - No. 1 Hang Manh

Their spring rolls have crispy skins, and there is a lot of meat and vegetables inside, so they don't feel sick at all. In particular, the dipping sauce is very rich, a serving of noodles is also quite a lot to make you eat full stomach. 

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