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July and blue bays across Vietnam

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If currently the waters in the Southern region are affected by the rainy season, the sea is no longer clear, and the waves are large, this is the right time for guests to enjoy the cool sea in the Central Coast area.

Day of swimming, night of watching Da Nang fireworks

Summer is the most beautiful time to travel to Da Nang when this is the last month of the dry season, scattered rains soften the scorching sun, bringing a cool atmosphere favorable for tourists' recreational activities.

Coming to Da Nang at this time, tourists can freely immerse themselves in the cool water, bask in the sun on the long stretches of white sand, participate in many water and sky sports activities.

Da Nang owns a series of beautiful beaches famous for its long stretches of white sand, shaded coconut trees, and comfortable and safe beaches for visitors. Running along Vo Nguyen Giap Boulevard, visitors can randomly visit and have fun at beaches such as My Khe, Non Nuoc, Man Thai, Phuoc My,... It provides a full range of essential services for visitors such as freshwater bathing, beach chairs, drinks as well as many beach activities such as SUP paddling, Jetskiing, etc.

Coming to Son Tra peninsula, tourists will be able to see the vast primeval forests, freely swim, dive to see corals at some places such as But, Mui Nghe beach, Tien Sa beach, Da Den,...

Running along the winding road, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Da Nang City, enjoy the fresh air.

Besides the famous Linh Ung Pagoda, tourists can visit Son Tra lighthouse, Vong Canh house, Ban Co peak. In addition, tourists can book a paragliding tour to see the majestic natural scenery with the forest and sea from above.

In addition, tourists can also enjoy the cool atmosphere, experience many entertainment activities at Ba Na Hill located on the top of Chua Mountain with an altitude of up to 1487 meters.

July is also the time when the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival DIFF enters the final round. The final night of the contest will take place on July 13 with the theme Made of Young Generation. Visitors can buy tickets and watch the performances from the stage on the banks of the Han River or watch from the yacht, hotel or live TV, livestream...

Looking for the land of "yellow flowers on green grass" Phu Yen

Whether you are a forest enthusiast or a sea lover, you can easily find the ideal experience when you set foot in Phu Yen, especially in summer. This place owns a beautiful but no less mysterious wild natural landscape.

Visiting Ganh Da Dia, visitors have the opportunity to see black basalt blocks in the shape of prisms, honeycombs, arranged close to each other to create an impressive scene. Not far away is Ganh Den lighthouse, a place to visit that visitors can combine when visiting here.

In the summer rains, the scenery of Xep beach is covered with green grass where the cactus groves stretch. Standing on a high cliff, you will be able to zoom out into the distance, see the blue of the vast sea, enjoy the cool breeze and the sound of the murmuring waves. This is also the filming setting of the movie "I see yellow flowers on the green grass", where visitors can freely take photos with beautiful scenery like a picture.

If you are a believer in watching the sunrise, don't miss Mui Dien - the earliest sunrise coordinates in Vietnam. Located at an altitude of 110 m, Mui Dien is the easternmost point of the country. Tourists can come to visit, take photos with the Mui Dien lighthouse or camp overnight to become the earliest sunrise catcher in Vietnam.

In addition, Nua Island, Yen Island and Mai Nha Island are some of the beautiful coral diving spots for visitors. You can rent a canoe to go out, swim freely, dive, and explore the colorful underwater world.

Besides the sea, tourists can also cool off at Vu Hom waterfall, hidden deep among the green forest canopy. The waterfall with its pristine beauty all year round, the water pours quietly, providing a source of fresh water for visitors to freely take a cool bath.

Arriving in Phu Yen, you will forget to enjoy a series of delicious dishes typical of this land such as fish noodles, pork heart cakes, Chop Chai goats, apricot fish salad...

Watching Phu Quy "put on a new shirt" Binh Thuan

If you are too used to the scenery of Phu Quy island with yellowed grass, coming here in summer, tourists will be able to watch this island put on a new color with green grass after the rain.

July has just started the monsoon season on this island, visitors can monitor the weather forecast, take advantage of visiting here on days when the waves are light and there is no rain.

Originally a familiar tourist coordinates of many young people, Phu Quy owns a series of famous attractions and check-ins such as the lonely tree, Ganh Hang with "Happy Slot" and "Infinity Pool", the top of Cao Cat mountain, Sister Nen street, the miniature "Colosseum" located behind the Master's Tomb...

Besides, visitors can visit Tranh island where there is white sand, crystal clear water or immerse yourself in the beautiful Vung Buddha. On sunny days, guests can participate in freediving or snorkeling tours to see the sunset with many types of sea fish here.

No longer as wild as before, tourists to the island have many accommodation options when a series of homestays and hotels are newly built such as Nang Hotel - Phu Quy Island, Chanky Hotel, Blue Ocean Beach, Windy Villa,...

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