ExperiencesNature & AdventureIn November, do not miss the appointment with the brilliant wild anemone flower season throughout the 5 provinces of the Central Highlands
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In November, do not miss the appointment with the brilliant wild anemone flower season throughout the 5 provinces of the Central Highlands

Translated by Bing
In this mineral highland, wild anemone flowers seem to have become a part of life, inseparably attached to the land and the Highlanders.

At the end of October, the heavy rains in the Central Highlands had stopped. The chilly breeze rushed in, bringing with it some gentle sunshine over the hillsides and valleys. Coming to the Central Highlands at this time, from Kon Tum to Dak Nong, you can easily see the strips of wild anemone flowers engrossed in the sun, warming the whole mountainous region during a happy season.

Black bamboo shoots - Kon Tum

The way up Black bamboo shoots is winding, winding and shaded with green trees and flowers. Every year at the end of the year, wild flowers compete to bloom yellow in all corners of the trees, making the small town of Mang Den seem to sparkle and be more beautiful than ever in the cold weather.

Early in the morning, the kneeling was still filled with illusory dew. Near noon, the blossoms brightened the sky. In the afternoon, the bright sun makes the flower flaps more charming among the thousands.

Chu Dang Ya Volcano - Gia Lai

About 20km northeast of the center of Gia Lai mountain town, Chu Dang Ya is a volcanic crater that has been dormant for millions of years, hidden among the majestic thousands. The remnants of lava left here a fertile basalt region, where people built lush fruit farms.

This is also one of the most beautiful anemone viewing spots in the Central Highlands. Coming to Chu Dang Ya, you can trek to the top of the mountain, overcome the slopes with many challenges, watch the magnificent volcanic basin and take in the full view of a peaceful Gia Lai sky with beautiful intertwined blue and yellow patches.

Buon Ma Thuot - Dak Lak

Not only coffee flowers, Buon Ma Thuot also causes memories for those who have the opportunity to visit every 11-12 months because of the wild anemone season. This proud and wild flower blooms all over the streets, street corners, adorning the highland city to become more splendid. Flowers bloom by Lak Lake, by the gentle Serepôk river. Flowers crowded together to watch the poetic Dray Sap - Dray Nur waterfall. Early in the morning, the air in Buon Ma Thuot is cold, you can relax and sip a cup of Dak Lak coffee, while enjoying the flowers like a romantic artist, dreaming.

Da Lat - Lam Dong

The Central Highlands anemone flower season is also the season when tourists from all over the world come to Da Lat city to be immersed in the golden flowers.

Dalat has many beautiful flower viewing spots such as Cam Ly - Van Thanh road, Don Duong, Cau Dat road, Dran pass, Prenn pass or along Lien Khuong highway into the city. From here, you can admire the mountain slopes enveloped in seemingly endless flower flaps. In addition, Tu Tra, Golden Valley, Lang Biang Mountain or the road from Palace 3 to Tuyen Lam Lake,... are all ideal places for you to delight in taking photos with flowers.

Chiayi - Dak Nong

The young city of Chiayi of Dak Nong is peaceful with four hills, buildings, irrigation lakes and green valleys. Chiayi has long been known by its lovely name - "Golden Flower City" thanks to successive seasons of flowers blooming all year round. In particular, it is imperative to mention the wild anemone flower every time on November 11 and 12 is racing to dye the whole mountain town yellow, distracting the hearts of people who come, nostalgic for the soul of the goers.

In November, come to the Central Highlands to immerse yourself in the splendid kneeling wilderness throughout the mountains and hills and sip the cold of the coming winter.

Photo: Collectible, VnExpress

Writer: Jennie

Image source: Multiple authors
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