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This Tet is planned with the family to travel to spring

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Take advantage of the Tet holidays, please inspire the New Year with a short trip with your family!

"Hunting" flowers of Moc Chau mountains and forests

Visiting Moc Chau at this time, you will be overwhelmed by the poetic scenery of plum blossoms blooming white, creating a romantic natural scene among the mountains and forests of the Northwest. Indeed, you have to set foot in Moc Chau in spring, you understand why people compare Moc Chau as the muse of the Northwest. 

Moc Chau is currently at a beautiful time when flowers bloom everywhere. Mu Nau Valley and Na Ka have white plum blossoms, which are expected to last about 1-2 weeks. Pa Phách village is a suggested address for you to both see flowers and experience the peaceful life of the villagers. Leisurely walking around the village, breathing fresh air will be very relaxing on New Year's Day. In addition, you can move to Chieng Khoa Waterfall or Fairy an hour from town to move your body. The pass route to the waterfall is tricky, but the scenery is beautiful with many mountain ranges overlapping. If you are fascinated by the beauty of plum blossoms, you should also try drinking a glass of plum wine with Northwest specialties at Tuan Gù restaurant.

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Welcome spring on Ha Giang rocky plateau

The pink color of peach blossoms, the yellow color of mustard blossoms filled the roads and villages of the first place of the Fatherland. Another trip every time, not moving much, just resting and wandering in the villages. You will be able to see more deeply the pace of life of the border town, take in the view of the spectacular cascading rock ridges of the rocky plateau, or join the girls and sisters in clothes to go to the market on New Year's Day. In the evening, the whole family can sit by the fire, Sipping a glass of warm corn wine, chatting about memories on the way to Ha Giang.

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Pilgrimage to the sacred peak of Yen Tu

Yen Tu is considered a sacred Buddha ground, a complex of works including 11 temples along with hundreds of temples, stupas, tombs, steles,... stretching for nearly 20km and forming a famous historical and scenic area. If you are in Hanoi or neighboring provinces in the North, this Tet holiday, please join your family in making a sincere pilgrimage to Yen Tu to pray for a peaceful New Year, favorable rain and wind. 

Coming to Yen Tu in spring, you can not only admire and celebrate Buddha but also have the opportunity to admire the unique golden apricot "elders" of the sacred land of Yen Tzu.

Photo: Legacy Yen Tu

Take each other to escape into the pine forest of Da Lat

Suoi Vang Lake, Golden Valley or Trai Mat pine forest are ideal camping sites in Da Lat for those who want to find a sense of peace, escape from the noise and bustle in the city. Camping in the middle of the vast pine forest, early in the morning wake up to watch the floating clouds. All will bring you experiences that are difficult to describe in words.

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Brilliant New Year in Phu Quoc

Tourists in the south have a close destination, easy to move is Phu Quoc City (Kien Giang). You can get here by air or to Rach Gia City and take a train. The pearl island is large, visitors who love private vacations, visiting national parks, safari zoos can stay in the north of the island.

The accommodation destinations that are being loved by many tourists are Vinpearl Phu Quoc, Fusion Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc Eco Beach ... Those who love the experience of visiting the islands, watching the sunset of Sanato, enjoying cuisine in Duong Dong should stay in the center or south of the island. Some recommended resorts are Sol by Melia, Sunset Beach resort & spa ...

At the beginning of the year coming to Phu Quoc, visitors do not forget to admire Ho Quoc Pagoda (Duong To), Ba Palace and Cau Palace (Duong Dong center) ... In addition, there are many other experiences such as watching the sunset in Truong Beach, scuba diving to see corals, visiting Phu Quoc Prison ...

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