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Live in a house by the sea called Annabo Beach House Retreat

Translated by Bing
Through many seasons, the sea has always been a great destination for every family. This second home is not only a place to stop but also a place to make fond memories for any holiday or vacation for the family.

Instead of basking in the stifling sunshine of summer or enduring the bitter cold of winter, come to AnnaButter beach house - a place that brings a feeling of relaxation and freshness to every trip.

The AnnaButter family didn't have much either. There is a beautiful small kitchen full of cooking utensils, a few steps to the sea. In the morning, I got up early when a boat came back to catch something to eat. Breakfast has Quang noodles with beef noodles 20k / bowl, seafood, traders bring it to their homes, so the basket price is very affordable. If you are bored, you can go to the street, it takes 10-15 minutes to go to the car to drink coffee to brew the machine. But restaurants and restaurants on the old town, it takes 1 month to probably not discover all the interesting things in Hoi An.

Life at the sea is the same, always for ethereal people who like to be quiet and take care of their own health. In the morning meditating to welcome the sun, in the afternoon watching the sunset watching the children sobbing to the sea to play.

AnnaButter House has a total of 7 self-contained rooms, beautiful garden, washing machine, refrigerator, full air conditioning. The housekeeper opened groceries in the village, so everything was available. The housekeeper also cooks and cooks very well.

At Annabo Beach House Retreat, you will experience the private and peaceful space of the beach house designed gently but cozy, bringing the feeling of home. You'll enjoy quality, casual meals from a dedicated butler and have the opportunity to participate in activities such as net fishing, fishing, or even taking part in the lives of the locals. And in the evening, you can participate in fun activities such as visiting Hoi An ancient town or enjoying unique local food.

Annabo Beach House Retreat is an ideal destination for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, to immerse themselves in the natural space and find themselves.

Interesting highlights:

Simple local breakfast: Quang noodles, beef noodles, buffet bread.. etc

Organic swimming pools say no to chemicals in the house premises, so they do not irritate the skin and are safe for children

The housekeeper cooks deliciously.

The hotel allows pets with a few requirements such as number, full vaccinations, having protective equipment to keep young children safe, proactive cleaning and there are a few places in the pet's house that are not allowed.

The hotel is by the sea, with a beach in front of the house.

Address: Duy Ha Village Beach (Hamlet 6, Thang Binh, Quang Nam

Hotline: 094 365 8386


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Photo: Annabo namhoian beach house

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