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Sep'on Heartfulness Centre - an impressive 'ultra-thin' hotel in Nha Trang

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Sep'on Heartfulness Centre, a unique complex, is not only a hotel but also a place to offer a meaningful local experience. Architecture magazine Dezeen describes it as an "exposed concrete structure, softened by trees and woodwork".

Located in the heart of Nha Trang city, this is not only an ordinary hotel but also a unique complex where visitors can enjoy the perfect combination of meditation, yoga, and unique cultural experiences.

The unique architecture of Sep'on Heartfulness Centre is a testament to the symbiosis between Nha Trang's tourist center and the traditional beauty of local life. This hotel is not just a place to stay, but a classy adventure where visitors can explore the different spaces in the building.

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre is built with a unique main structure, supported by concrete and steel columns, creating a work of art that blends perfectly into the surrounding landscape. With five floors, three floors and four creatively divided floors, the hotel opens up diverse spaces with majestic mountain and sea views.

The main structure of this building is built with the clever use of concrete and steel columns, creating stability but still in perfect harmony with the surrounding natural landscape. The hotel is divided into many blocks with diverse scenery, from mountains to the sea, each space has its own perspective to create diversity and excitement for the experience of visitors.

The ground floor is the starting point with the café and bar area, a warm space with 6 seats, from which leads to the mezzanine floor dedicated to reading and relaxing. This is a place for visitors to feel the connection with the green space and surrounding landscape from a height.

The structure located in the center of the building is a system of stairs and elevators, connecting the floors with each other. The arrangement of three different types of rooms in the front, center and rear positions not only creates diversity but also allows visitors to choose the room with the best view.

Overlooking the street from the balconies of the largest rooms, guests can enjoy vibrant urban views. On the contrary, the smaller rooms offer an interesting view of the common space with the special of greenery, yoga and meditation spaces, creating a peaceful and relaxing space.

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre is more than just a hotel, but a destination for those who crave a connection to local identity along with a practical and insightful experience of contemporary life.

Address: 150 Da Tuong, Vinh Nguyen, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone: 096 608 62 08


According to Ho Chi Minh City Tourism

Photo: Fb Sep'on Heartfulness Centre

Image source: Multiple authors
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