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Spring colors on Lo Lo Chai village – Ha Giang

Translated by Bing
Spring in Lo Lo Chai with the image of brown earth wall roofs looming behind stone fences, a poetic scene, hidden among the sharp cat-eared rocks, gray beautiful like a fairy painting.

Located right at the foot of the Lung Cu flagpole, Lo Lo Chai village increasingly attracts domestic and foreign tourists because of its idyllic beauty and cultural features of ethnic people here as shown in fairy tales.


The image of the village is peaceful, poetic, looking away is majestic mountains and forests and the clouds blend together beautifully like a picture. Lo Lo Chai village in Ha Giang travel itinerary is attracting more and more attention of tourists.


The highlight of Lo Lo Chai village tourism is to explore typical cultural colors. With the characteristic that 90% of the population are Lo Lo compatriots, this place still retains intact the unique and unmistakable features of this ethnic group.


Here, visitors can easily choose for themselves virtual live photo angles with the image of a peaceful and poetic village, looking away from the majestic mountains and forests and clouds blending together beautifully like a picture.


The village preserves almost all the cultural values of the ethnic minority community on the rocky plateau of Dong Van.


The locals are also very welcoming and hospitable.


Coming to Lo Lo Chai, visitors seem to find a peaceful place after a difficult journey of discovery.


There are still many old houses preserved.


Lo Lo Chai is beautiful thanks to its inherent natural beauty, which is more radiant in the brocade colors woven by the hands of the Lo Lo woman.


This is one of the villages that still retains the old culture, from the material and spiritual life of the Lo Lo people in the rocky plateau; The architecture of the house has a roof of trough tiles (also known as yin and yang tiles).


Currently, the village still retains intact the culture from ancient times that makes visitors excited when coming here.


Right in the middle of the village, there is a quite famous café that visitors to Ha Giang often stop to enjoy and feel the highland culture called "North Pole Coffee".


Surely when arriving here, visitors will not be disappointed because they have overcome a very long and very long way.

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