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Azalea forest blooming on top of Pu Ta Leng

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Colorful azaleas are blooming brightly on the top of Pu Ta Leng, creating a "fairytale-like" scene, attracting trekkers.

Pu Ta Leng Peak, in the Hoang Lien Son range, is located in Tam Tang district, about 20 km from Lai Chau city. Pu Ta Leng is 3,049 m high, is the third highest peak discovered in Vietnam, after Fansipan (3,143 m, Lao Cai) and Pu Si Lung (3,083 m, Lai Chau), according to the Lai Chau Province Web Portal.

In addition to the dense forest with many old trees, low forest floor with bamboo and cardamom, this place also attracts climbing enthusiasts when in March and 4 every year, colorful rhododendron trees at the high forest floor race to bloom.

The road to the top of Pu Ta Leng heading from Sì Thuy Chai village is the place to encounter the most blooming azalea forest. This road is more difficult than the road from Ho Contract village or Ta Leng village, but more beautiful.

Climbing to the top is not easy because through many steep terrain, the distance up and down 30 km, but the reward is completely worth it when "witnessing a beautiful fairytale scenery". Up to an altitude of about 2,900 m, visitors feel lost in the foreground. Climbers call this "Northwest Azalea Capital" or "Pu Ta Leng Fairy Garden" because of its gathering of tall trees, spreading canopies and beautiful flowers.

Pu Ta Leng peak has about 30 different flowers, all kinds of red, pink, yellow and white flowers blooming interspersed. There are hundred-year-old azaleas, large, shaggy stems, there are trunks growing on cliffs.

Azaleas are found in many Northwest forests such as Yen Bai, Lao Cai, but Pu Ta Leng is one of the most flowering peaks. In some areas, visitors will be able to see the blooming flowers and walk under the forest canopy with fallen azalea petals. Azaleas have thick, straight wings, long stigmas. Flowering plants are shrub or woody plants, with thick leaves, both single and double forms.

To see the most beautiful azaleas, visitors can choose climbing courses two days one night or preferably three days and two nights, while conquering the peak while watching the flowers while still having time to rest and recuperate. Visitors are advised to find a local guide or purchase an all-inclusive tour for safety.

This year's azaleas begin to bloom from the beginning of March and are at their peak, dying around the beginning of April. There are early blooming years from the end of February. If you conquer Pu Ta Leng peak around November 11, visitors will see the red maple forest.

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