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Resort villa review: Amaya Home Soc Son, Lodge & Spa

Translated by Bing
Hearing that in Soc Son there is a "popular" villa area all the time, not just weekends, curious, Migo decided to go to find out.

Ama in Japanese is paradise, also Ya that is, home. The House of Paradise is built on a gentle pine hill, not far from the main road leading to the center of Soc Son.

The style of this villa has the appearance of Nordic architecture when using mainly pine wood and stone materials. The total number of rooms available is 11 rooms, with many options for groups of guests that AmaYa Home targets: double rooms for couples, family rooms for 4 people and 1 bunk room that fits 6 people underground.

The room that was supposed to be full of beautiful views and the swimming pool in front of us at AmaYa Home was probably room number 08, named Flocon – also the lucky room left for us to stay in on Friday. The balcony of the room takes advantage of the design of a plunge pool, which is only suitable for relaxing in summer.

Coming here for the weekend, we were suggested by AmaYa to order a BBQ buffet prepared by the resort's chef. The menu includes Australian beef tenderloin, salmon, cheese oysters, tiger shrimp, squid, cheese chicken rolls, lamb chops and grilled vegetables, plus two dessert options. 

BBQ buffet dinner at AmaYa Home 

It is not difficult to find a villa on Soc Son land, now in the territory of Hanoi capital, but to really relax in the middle of nature that is less than 1 hour drive from the city, you must choose carefully. The difference of AmaYa Home compared to other places that we noticed lies in things like:

  • The space is clean and tidy from the small details in the room to the common area and outdoor grounds.

  • The equipment and amenities in the villa are invested in good quality, durable and delicate. The color of the wood and the heating system, creating a feeling of warmth and comfort

  • Not only providing 1 house for guests to spend the weekend, AmaYa also offers practical services that enhance the experience such as serving basic breakfast, spa, sauna, sauna, soaking in the jacuzzi and training a necessary team of the accommodation unit.

  • During the construction of the villa, all the many years old pine trees and natural landscapes were preserved in their place. Or it can be said that before laying the foundation for the house, the team here had to research and design according to the natural terrain. Not so, the whole house and pine hill seem to merge into one, creating the feeling that the house has existed with the towering pine trees for a long time.

AmaYa Home's restaurant is arranged with two options: indoor and covered outdoor area

A few brief information that Migo summarized after the trip, you can refer to have yourself a fun and relaxing weekend:

  • Matching audience: Couple, family or group of friends with 4 to 6 people.
  • Book 2 to 4 weeks early to get a budget-friendly room selection.
  • The sound insulation between rooms is not good, so it is necessary to prepare earplugs.
  • Combine visiting Viet Phu Thanh Chuong or day camping at places such as Dong Do lake, Rõm village.

AmaYa Home, Lodge & Spa is a destination close to lovely rooms amidst green nature. Perhaps that is the plus point that makes this place always remembered by Hanoi tourists when they want to leave the noisy city to come and stay a night. That is probably also the reason why this place is always crowded all the time. Tourism combined with sustainable locality and respect for nature.

Conditions for stay (updated on 26/11/2021):

Adults: Get 2 doses of vaccine (send confirmation of vaccination before booking). 1 dose of vaccine requires a negative Covid-19 test certificate by rapid test method.

Children aged 12 to 18: A negative covid-19 test by rapid test is required.

Children under 12 years old: No Covid-19 test paper required.

Address: Rope Kite slope junction, Soc Son, Hanoi

Room rate: 1.900.000 VND - 4.500.000 VND / night

Contact: https://www.facebook.com/AmaYaHome.SocSon/

Article and photo: Lam Linh

Image source: Multiple authors
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