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Rach Vem, the season of sparkling starfish

Translated by Bing
Rach Vem, the beach I decided to spend a whole day to visit when traveling to Phu Quoc this time.

Rach Vem is located in the north of Phu Quoc pearl island, famous by many people as the "Starfish Kingdom" but not all guests decide to visit. Partly because there are still many dirt roads, located quite far from the center, partly because the destination does not have many services and starfish only appear seasonally.

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The road to Rach Vem has many entrances, but whichever way you go, you must go through the old forest of Phu Quoc. Rach Vem appears simply with huts and the sea. It was deserted and it was true that there was no service other than a few huts to the sea as a diner. This place is really suitable for those who prefer freedom. Soft fine white sand underfoot and clear water visible to the bottom.

No need to look for starfish when just a few steps to immediately see countless large and small starfish in the water. A thing that rarely appears on other beaches, in Rach Vem is a common occurrence in season. Starfish are everywhere, sometimes hidden in the clear blue water, sometimes lying dormant along the white sand. The sea here is shallow, so even if it goes very far from the shore, the water is only about chest level. The farther away, the more starfish. It seems that there are many flickering stars in the sky, there are many stars in the sea.

With a snorkel and swimming goggles, I followed the little boys of the fishing village into the sea. The young guides were very enthusiastic to show me the spots with many stars and help take pictures. They are fierce and violent, leaping into the sea, diving in the blue sea like fish. Diving in the warm water and watching countless sparkling starfish, comfortably taking extremely shimmering photos to "live virtually", nothing more. The weather today is extremely pleasant with golden sunshine, warm and clear sea water, and hundreds of starfish right under my feet.

Photo: @riikkakusisto

The starfish in Rach Vem has a characteristic fiery red color, the body is stocky with black dots on the back. The starfish is gentle and adorable, attractive to both adults and children. While adults check in and swim, children can sit "playing with goods" all day without getting bored with starfish on the water invading near the shore.

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Unlike soft-bodied starfish, which only take ten seconds to die, Rach Vem's starfish have a much stronger body but still need to avoid bringing them ashore or being naughty, damaging their habitat. You can place starfish in the invasive water and freely take pictures. The starfish were also very quick, with hundreds of tiny tentacles under their bodies, within minutes they had slipped into the sand or crawled away.

Photo: wikiphuquoc.com

Satisfied with the sea and starfish, my hungry stomach, I made a hearty seafood meal. Sitting in the raft house, enjoying seafood and lulling yourself on the swinging hammock stuck between the trunk of two coconut trees, listening to the crashing waves, the sun dancing, the day passes so simply! Next time, I will definitely stop by this place.

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