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11th month destinations in Vietnam

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Binh Lieu reed grass season, sea of clouds on Ky Quan San peak, golden anemone season in Ba Vi, dry season in Phu Quoc... are suggestions for early winter travel.

Sea of clouds over Ky Quan San mountain, Lao Cai

The 3,046-meter-high Ky Quan San (the highest peak in the Liangzi White Jupiter Range) was explored in 2012, is a place that still has many mysteries and is still an unpopular name with people on the move. However, for trekkers and climbers, Ky Quan San always evokes the passion to explore. October starts the climbing season in the north, November will be the most beautiful time to plan trekking to this 4th highest mountain in Vietnam. Through the crossings of streams, steep roads, full of gravel and stones, visitors will be able to watch the clouds overflowing over the peaks in the early morning, sometimes on the way can encounter prominent red-orange forest canopies.

Ha Giang buckwheat triangle season

The weather in November in Ha Giang starts to be cold and dry, suitable for flower viewing, trekking, photography. These days coming to Ha Giang, especially the 4 highland districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac will admire the roads covered with beautiful circuit triangle. Some of the most popular check-in spots with flowers are Pao's House, Pho Fox commune, the road to the Lung Cu flagpole....

Ba Vi Wild Anemone Season, Hanoi

November is also the time when wild anemone flowers bloom on the hills and mountainsides in Ba Vi National Park, about 60 km from the center of Hanoi. Flowers are planted along the way, but the most flowery gathering point is 400 with wild anemone forest up to 10 hectares wide, there are many walking routes for visitors. The wild anemone season here lasts about a month and is most beautiful for 2 weeks when the flowers are in full bloom.

In addition, visitors can camp, organize picnics, or explore the gentle walking arcs in the resort, old ruins such as the Colonel's House, ancient church, Uncle Ho temple, Bao Thien Tower, Thuong Temple on Tan Vien peak ...

Binh Lieu reed season, Quang Ninh

As a mountainous border district located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province, Binh Lieu is 120 km from Ha Long city, 290 km from Hanoi. In November, the reeds on the hillsides along the road to conquer the landmarks will bloom, of which the most beautiful check-in point is the reed paradise at the 1927 milestone and the "dinosaur spine" to the 1305 milestone on the highest peak of Quang Ninh. Not only check-in border markers and winding roads between reed hills, on a beautiful day, visitors can admire the sea of clouds at sunrise or sunset at the border.

Pink grass season in Dalat, Lam Dong

In November, Da Lat has ended the rainy season and switched to the cold season with temperatures fluctuating 14-24 degrees Celsius. In addition to the bright yellow wild roads, visitors to the land of thousands of pine flowers this season can also check-in the hillsides, pink grass shimmering with morning dew. The area with the most pink grass is the suburban spots such as Trai Mat, around Thai Thien flower village, Suoi Vang lake. In addition to check-in pink grass season, coming to Da Lat on this occasion, visitors can enjoy more wind dried persimmons and countless hot delicacies that are very suitable for cold weather.

Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

Phu Quoc's dry season starts from November 11, it stops raining, sunny, calm sea, calm waves suitable for fun. Meanwhile, the North enters a cold winter, so the pearl island becomes an ideal "cold escape" spot. Routes to Phu Quoc have begun to reopen. The pearl island is also not many tourists, so you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, not crowded.

Bai Sao, Bai Khem, Hon May Rut, Hon Mong Tay ... are famous destinations that almost everyone who comes to Phu Quoc cannot ignore. Visitors should choose a 4-island tour, accompanied by sightseeing and activities such as diving to see corals, fishing, photography, swimming ...

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