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Enthusiasm - That's all you need when you arrive in Phu Quy

Translated by Bing
We - the "players" with horizontal hands, luggage on our shoulders are passionate and reckless - completely unaware that this trip to Phu Quy will become so special.

One fine day, I received a message from the center where I was teaching: "If you guys go to Phu Quy, let me know, in early April I go!" And so the journey began.

Phu Quy Island is small and beautiful with a romantic blue sea

Phu Quy - a small island in Binh Thuan province - where tourists should come once in a lifetime because of its beautiful wilderness and clear blue beach. It is revealed that in this place you can also dive yourself to see the corals.

And if you come here to read things like "Experience going to Phu Quy island" or "What is beautiful about Phu Quy island", "Self-sufficient itinerary to Phu Quy island",... then I'm afraid this article won't be of much help to you. Here, I won't discuss them further, as you can already find them rampant out there, from the more connoisseurs of the travel industry. This article will show you other things, that you may not think about but need to prepare before deciding to book a train ticket here.

Go with the hard scraper

First, equip yourself with an "army" of enough body, enough to play and brave enough. Why? Because, believe me, this place is absolutely not suitable for romantic couples. Phu Quy is truly a place for hard guys who always make an appointment "Let's have a free meal, go on a trip!" that has not been done for several years. Another reason why you have to choose Phu Quy is its curious nature and love to conquer. Because it has not been explored for tourism purposes, there are still many places for you and your core friends to volunteer to explore, and then make a mark for the youth of Phong Tran.

Our team is here!

Small Beach - Ganh Hang

This place is most beautiful probably in the early morning and sunset. You can see our sunset at a small rock pool behind Hon That, where I don't know what the name is, how many people have come, only that we had to follow the forest road, cross a small slope, dense trees. At the end, when all the trees are traced, in front of you is a small rock pool with extremely warm water.

All sorts of strange fish swimming in the lake made me hesitate to enter, afraid of ruining their quiet home. There are species that swim in packs, some that are colorful but lonely, who swim very fast whenever we find out, some that always hide in small rock hollows that you have to look closely to see. Well, ask you to go there to experience the feeling of that warm blue water for us once. Explore more nooks and crannies of the island for yourself that we haven't had the opportunity to visit and share your story with us!

A small corner of Phu Quy Island

Get involved with tireless cuisine

Phu Quy often has sudden rains at night. As you're driving around the tiny island, suddenly, heaven gives you a shower of rain, enough to stop at the sidebar, make a plate of hot pancakes, and talk to each other. I'm not sure the cuisine here is the richest, but I promise that every time you try a local dish, you will admire it. As children born and raised in the South, we have never tasted pancakes served with boiled duck seeds. This is not a bad suggestion when you wonder which dish to choose.

Island tourism is indispensable for seafood. As a matter of course, you don't need to worry about freshness. All you need to do is choose any restaurant, open the menu and order. Some will allow you to go all the way to the lake, hand-pick raw fish and process it on the spot. On a small note for you, prepare yourself with an ever-hungry stomach and the courage to dare to try new dishes. That's it.!

Lemongrass steaming jumping snail

Sea urchin

Ready to have fun all the way

This is the first time that my center has traveled on a company trip, so everyone agrees that catching the sunrise on the island is one of the must-do things, to take the photos of a lifetime. Although it was scheduled to gather at 5 o'clock, my enthusiastic boss had to wake up early and knock on each of our doors, or else it would ruin the packed schedule he had worked so hard to plan. With our eyes closed and open, we ran to Small Beach - Ganh Hang, we were in the mood of "Quickly take pictures and then go back to sleep". But this energetic boss pulled us from place to place. But come to think of it, thank you for insisting on dragging us to explore every corner, otherwise we wouldn't have had such a great experience.

At this point, I would like to give readers a heartfelt advice: Prepare yourself with a "spirit of steel" – someone who has enough influence to pull you out of the room and prevent you from having a chance to think about being lazy – if you want to fully experience this trip.

Swimming in Hon Painting

The sea here is very clear and clean

The weather is sunny in the morning, the evening is cool, prone to light rain. Fresh air, friendly and honest people are one of the factors that make Phu Quy Island special. Our owners are a generous couple who allow the use of the washing machine and provide free daily drinking water. Since it was our first time here, we wanted to check out some local places that few people visit. I also don't remember what they called it, only that it was a local beach, located on the edge of a residential area. The architecture on the island is imbued with the style of an old village that we often see in fairy tale movies in our childhood. You can suddenly walk across a street and exclaim, "Heaven, just like the village road in the fairy tale of Mr. Guan Judge!"

Not afraid of motion sickness

Therefore, I hope you will give Phu Quy Island a chance to prove how beautiful it is and do not forget that it is paramount that it is a stable mentality when stepping on the ship, moving from Phan Thiet to the island, because everyone has to try once-drunk-waves. The vital experience is not to take pills, it will make you tired all day long when a train only takes about 2-3 hours. Try to sleep instead. If you can't take a nap, close your eyes throughout the trip to avoid feeling awkward in your brain. That will make you feel much better. Don't turn yourself into a sleeping worm after stepping off the ship, but make sure our bodies are ready for adventures on this 17km² island with the most relaxed spirit possible.

Bring a good camera to take good frames, guys!

We had a really good time here.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will somewhat understand more about the actual experiences on the island that our group of 6 people experienced. Wish you have a happy and meaningful trip with your relatives and friends.

Article: My Dieu

Photo: My Dieu, Shutterstock

Image source: Multiple authors
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