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Delicious and fragrant in Season, Hoi An

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It's hard to imagine a more peaceful place. A five-minute drive from An Bang Beach and ten minutes from Hoi An Ancient Town, SEASONS is centrally located in Tra Que village. A traditional vegetable village with more than 200 years of age.

The Season restaurant opened in 2020, just in time for the Covid epidemic, and has helped farmers rescue a variety of locally grown produce. "Season" is the Vietnamese word for the seasons, where modern dishes are served that tell the story of the best Vietnamese ingredients.

Chef Tru Lang works at Seasonal restaurant. Before deciding to establish a career in Vietnam, Tru Lang had a variety of experiences in restaurants from luxury to street style in the US and Japan.

Tra Que village is really a fertile land, so the greens here are rich in minerals and nutrients. Visitors here can taste vegetables comfortably. Season Restaurant is associated with seasonal vegetables in Tra Que village. This is a cool space, like a greenhouse that opens to a quiet pond. Here, the restaurant serves modern dishes with a sustainable mindset, where each dish tells the story of Vietnam's finest food ingredients.

The season also serves fruit juices on the 7-course menu combined with fresh vegetable salad from Tra Que village, organic cherry tomatoes, avocado and sesame cream, roasted river shrimp with lemon leaves and rice dishes with sausages and native pork. Each menu is unique and influenced by the availability and quality of produce, from organic vegetables and herbs from nearby gardens, to the freshest seafood and local meats.

The menu started out as a la carte, until friends kept asking for it who knew Tru Lang's fine dining background and wanted a tasting menu. SEASON Hoi An's tasting menu follows the rough structure of Vietnamese meals, with dishes cooler, fresher than before, and culminating in rice traditionally cooked in an earthen pot, with some light fruit-based desserts at the end of the meal.

The meal ends with bread topped with mulberry for dessert. It's no surprise that the food here tastes strange and familiar.

Come to the season to enjoy delicious dishes made by professional chefs using seasonal ingredients of Tra Que vegetable village.

Address: Tra Que Vegetable Village, Hoi An, Vietnam

Phone: 077 941 0203


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Photo: Hoi An Cinnamon Tea Season

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