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Vacation at the villa of the period Emeralda Resort Tam Coc

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2 hours away from Hanoi with a prime location next to Tam Coc boat pier, Emeralda Resort Tam Coc clearly shows the sophistication through the typical traditional architecture of the aristocracy of the ancient period. The resort offers a different experience between the ancient capital of Hoa Lu.

Relax in the midst of the scenery of Tam Coc, Ninh Binh

Stepping through the tall wooden gate at Emeralda Resort Tam Coc, visitors feel like they are traveling through the air to the golden age of the ancient Vietnamese aristocracy. Here, visitors can experience a private living space, with rooms with deep brown colors of wood with red yin and yang tile roofs, gold walls and artistic wood sculptures on stone roofs.

The cultural space is shown on murals made of Bat Trang pottery, or from famous pottery villages of the North. Besides, the cowhide lamps are pressed with bamboo leaves, bamboo leaves... bringing the style of the brilliant country of the ancient period.

In particular, the resort experience at Emeralda Resort Tam Coc is not only to enjoy the beauty of culture and architecture, but also to immerse yourself in the peaceful moment of majestic nature at Tam Coc - Bich Dong natural heritage. Here, the overlapping limestone mountains are embraced by the green Ngo Dong River.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to see a moment of peace

Emeralda Resort Tam Coc is divided into 2 areas including island and peninsula, with a system of 86 rooms that are harmoniously designed. The resort takes visitors on a train back in time, immersing themselves in a lifestyle imbued with luxury and elegance.

Each room here hides a unique beauty, but all have a warm and ethereal color, giving visitors a sense of relaxation and peace. Each small corner in the room is meticulously arranged, such as a wooden cabinet inlaid with mother-of-pearl, a ceramic vase with classic motifs or carvings on wooden items.

The most expensive must be mentioned the "million view" glass door frame facing the charming scenery of the Ngo Dong River. This scene is like a large-screen television, recording the scenery of the ancient capital from sunrise until the rays of the sun at the end of the day pour through the window. At each time of the day, Tam Coc - Bich Dong has a unique beauty, leaving a feeling of vibration and turmoil in the hearts of visitors.

Enjoy an impressive dinner party

Besides the unique room space, Nugget restaurant will be the perfect choice for a hearty and delicious dinner. The restaurant is inspired by nuggets - the quintessential gift of the Northern nature. Combining typical Vietnamese cuisine and a variety of Western dishes, Nuggets bring diners a different experience.

To end a day of sightseeing in a luxurious villa, visitors can enjoy wine, watch the moonlight spread on the Ngo Dong River at night at Jade Bar - the jade in the heart of the resort. The light yeast of the cocktail here will make the holiday more impressive.

Emeralda Resort Tam Coc - a proud feature in the middle of Hoa Lu heaven and earth - officially welcomes guests from April 15 with many incentives in the first time of operation.

Address: Trang An - Tam Coc scenic complex, Van Lam village, Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province


Hotline: 0988871868| Phone: 02293626688


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Photo: Emeralda Resort Tam Coc

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