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Weekend getaway at Tangerine Retreat Village

Translated by Bing
The moments when my family smiled brightly, those are also the happiest & warmest moments. Come to Tangerine Retreat Village to connect with nature, save and enjoy moments filled with laughter.

It seems that nature is always generous to visitors to the Tangerine Retreat Village, nHe gave a clear turquoise blue sky, floating with white clouds.

From rustic wooden gates, to sleeper streets steeped in lush greenery, every perspective deserves to be captured with your lens. Get ready to plan and capture your family's best moments during their holidays at Tangerine Retreat Village.

What's more wonderful when you can enjoy a waking morning by swimming gently in the cool water, or relaxing on the benches by the pool, watching the beautiful natural scenery around. With clear blue water and early rays of sunlight shining on the surface of the water. The infinity pool appears as a miniature oasis in the middle of the resort.

Nestled by the murmuring green bamboo grove, the bungalow for 4 people enjoys the most quiet and relaxing space at Tangerine Retreat Village. This bulgalow was especially popular. Because right the entrance to the bathroom area is a jackfruit tree, cleverly retained by architects. Without having to cut down, during construction. This is also the pride of the Tangerine Retreat Village with an impressive design, preserving the original nature.

Winding leads to the entrance to the bungalows, the rustic sleeper parrot road weaves with the poetic beauty of the mountain village. This is truly a fresh, poetic scene to create super beautiful check-in corners. Take a stroll around the Tangerine Retreat Village to be comforted by idyllic plants after a tiring week!

Arriving at Tangerine Retreat Village, be sure to order now to "heal" with a full barbecue with family and loved ones. A variety of grills are selected by local chefs with the freshest ingredients and typical marinades, which will be very satisfying for your taste buds after a long messy week.

Weekend on the mountain hamlet. Waking up earlier than usual, not wanting to sleep in for fear of missing the early rays of sunshine that were still dewy from last night. Pick up a nice little bicycle prepared by the butler, cycle 1 around Tangerine Village through the young rice fields to the other side of the tea hill. A great weekend for guests from the city to play with the Tangerine Retreat Village.

Address: Tangerine Retreat Village, Yen Bai, Ba Vi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: 056 688 5858

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Photo/Video: Tangerine Retreat Village

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