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Peaceful day at Pax Ana Doc Let Resort & Spa

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Reward yourself with a leisurely day in the middle of a beautiful small village by the deserted sea, and enjoy the early morning taste of Doc Let summer, a peaceful "planting" place just over an hour drive from Nha Trang city.

Nestled quietly in Van Phong Bay, Ninh Hoa town, Pax Ana Doc Let resort is always favorably called a lovely "country house" by guests, because of the 12ha green space in harmony between traditional tiled roofs combined with a balcony facing the garden with fiery red confetti, and countless kinds of fruit and flowers that the luxurious city wants to find is also difficult.

Down Highway 1A, turn onto the green rice road stretching to attract the eye to reach Doc Let beach. Depending on the time, you will be welcomed to this idyllic sea with different vivid colors, sometimes golden to nurse ripe rice, when green a young rice color, or if you go on the occasion of spring or summer, you can also admire the beauty of the lotus lagoon, or the white salt field before reaching the turquoise color of Doc Let sea.

And what makes visitors more attached to this resort is the exquisite arrangement of 82 rooms and bungalows. Like a miniature fishing village, 26 bungalows are designed with a view of the sea to create a space for you to catch the light at the beginning of the day, listen to the sound of the waves whispering in your ears and enjoy a peaceful vacation just a few steps from the sea. Particularly with 56 comfortable rooms, Pax Ana Doc Let will open up for you a green space, where just open the door, you can touch the white porcelain flower branches, or watch the green banana bushes on your doorstep.


In a fully designed space, Pax Ana Doc Let also takes care of each of your experiences, which is not only a good meal, a deep sleep but also a clear sky for you to walk and relax. Small garden with green grass for you to camp, a porcelain flower hill for you and your relatives to watch the movie at the end of the day or sometimes a hot fragrant barbecue.

Besides, diverse culinary experience spaces will also contribute to creating a perfect vacation for you and your family when returning to the sea. If you like to spend time inhaling the sea incense and watching the stretches of sand, the Sea Lantern restaurant with open space overlooking the blue ocean, with friendly bamboo design and coconut leaf roof will bring you rich local culinary experiences, Fresh seafood, combined with creativity in processing to create new Eurasian dishes. And if you like the peace of flowers, try getting up early, and stop by for breakfast at our The Bamboo House restaurant, sip a cup of morning coffee, listen to the birds chirping and watch the rays of sunlight dancing through the white porcelain flowers on the porch, everything will fit you well enough to feel relaxed enough to enjoy carefully cared meals to bring you a memorable stay in the beautiful Doc Let.



A day at Pax Ana Doc Let will become calmer and lighter when awakened by the chirping of birds, the early sweeping of the yard by the gardener, and more wonderful when you can spend time alone with a favorite book, or a couple of stories with your loved one on the balcony on the front porch.

The laughter and laughter of the children when struggling in the cool water at the pool, or with the family playing in the beach, or simply the chatter of the whole family when walking around in the beautiful garden. Parents have their own space to relax with body treatments at Ana Mandara Spa, while children enjoy playing in the resort space.

Without a hint of hurry, without a hint of glamour, everything has created the wonderful sound of a fun day, where the generosity and warmth of the people of the sea as services have made us remember forever, that moment, you can only find at Pax Ana Doc Let.

Address: 9 Dong Cat Street, Ninh Hai Ward, Ninh Hoa Town, Khanh Hoa Province, Ninh Hoa, Vietnam

Phone: 0258 3849 999

Website: https://paxanadoclet.com/ - https://www.facebook.com/PaxAnaDocletResortSpa?locale=vi_VN

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