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Green summer at Pu Luong Retreat

Translated by Bing
Pu Luong Retreat is nestled in Pu Luong National Reserve, offering an impressive experience of exploring nature, learning about the culture and life of the locals.

Pu Luong Retreat is an ideal choice for nature lovers who want to break away from the modern pace of life, feel closer to the mountain forest and feel deeper about nature, experience the friendliest things. 

Built at an altitude of 500m above sea level with an average temperature of 22-25°C, Pu Luong Retreat is really an ideal and peaceful retreat for many families in any season of the year. 

Room types at Pu Luong Retreat

With a fairly large campus, Pu Luong Retreat will have the following most outstanding room types, depending on the price and needs of each person, they will choose which room to rent for the most suitable. 

Deluxe New Wing Villas

This is the most popular room type in this resort. All have glass windows with beautiful panoramic views of terraces, valleys and majestic mountains. The balcony faces the East to let in sunlight. The overall design and room décor are in Thai ethnic style with wooden stilt houses, embroidery paintings and furniture all made of original wood.

Deluxe Central Wing Bungalows

This type of room is designed in a minimalist style with a roof covered with bamboo fibers and other utensils are also made of wood, giving a very modern feeling. The bedroom features 2 comfortable single beds and offers panoramic views of the majestic mountains and forests. The room is also close to service counters such as bar, massage just a few steps away.

Valley View Suite Villas Far Wing

The Villa Suite on the 2nd floor is Pu Luong Retreat's most luxurious, offering 270° panoramic views of the terraces and hills beyond. This is the type of room you should rent to get the most wonderful experience when you have the opportunity to travel to Thanh Hoa. It can be said that the special feature of this type of room is that the 2 corners have very large windows, the body opens the door to access wind and light. In addition, the image of a long sofa with wooden tables and chairs, teapots gives people maximum comfort, comfort and feels like a real home. 

The balcony is designed in the east direction to be able to catch the sun's rays in the morning and have the ability to see white clouds drifting lightly. 


The restaurant is built on top of Pu Luong Retreat and is arranged on 3 terraces, serving a maximum of about 200 guests. The special feature is that the restaurants here have a very unique design style and have great panoramic views, very beautiful and chill. 

All restaurants here are designed in the style of rustic ethnic Thai people, with tables and chairs made of bamboo, marble bar and decorated with wooden lamps. In particular, you can enjoy attractive dishes with views of rice fields, green forests and enjoy traditional folk music performances. 



The tea room is built and arranged on the second floor of the main restaurant at Pu Luong Retreat, this place is likened to a miniature museum of Thai ethnic people, featuring unique painted and decorated patterns, this is also an ideal place for you to relax, read books, drink tea, coffee. 


The bar here is also an experience that you should not ignore. With its location next to the beautiful pool, you will comfortably enjoy classic cocktails, cold beers or rich wines ... swaying along to the very chill music. 

Infinity pool

Pu Luong Retreat is a resort that owns up to 2 infinity pools with a capacity of up to 70 people. The highlight of Pu Luong Retreat pool is its beautiful panoramic views of terraces, valleys and majestic mountains. From the picturesque sunrise scene with the image of the clear blue sky shining on the lake to the romantic sunset, the scent of grass and nature and sky, all will help you own extremely beautiful and impressive photos. 

The best time to come to Pu Luong is the end of 5 months, the beginning of 6 months and the end of 9 months and the beginning of October to admire the terraced fields that have turned golden brilliant. Hopefully through the above synthesis of the MIA Travel Guide. Then you and your whole family will have a wonderful, relaxing and most fun holiday at Pu Luong Retreat. 

Spy Huang

Photo: Pu Luong Retreat

Image source: Multiple authors
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