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Pink grass season in Da Lat

Translated by Bing
The last two months of the year are the pink grass season in Da Lat when the grasses in the golden valley area, Masara hill turn pink-purple.

Dalat's typical pink grass season appears only once a year from the beginning of November to the end of December.

Currently, pink grass has bloomed everywhere in Dalat, on the hills under the pine forest canopy or in the grounds of tourist attractions such as Dalat Golden Valley, bald hill area, Dankia lonely tree or Masara hill in the suburbs.

Pink grass is a weed, belonging to the coniferous group, growing in small bushes, the stems and leaves are evenly slender. As the rainy season passes, the old grass fades and the young grass emerges from the ground. At this time, grass leaves and tiny flowers are pinkish-purple. In the early morning, the dew particles are still thick on the grass, shining in the sun, so many people also call it snow grass.

Each stump of grass grows in clusters, sticking close to the ground, no higher than human ankles. Each cluster of pink grass grows closely, intertwined to cover an entire valley or hillside. The pink-purple color makes the scene fancy, different from the seasons of the year.

For visitors who do not have much time, the Golden Valley is a good place to "hunt" for rose grass. There are pine forests, pink grass, sunshine and morning dew, helping visitors get photos with the typical atmosphere of Dalat.

But if you want to admire a vast pink grass savannah, you should spend time at Masara Hill in the suburban area.

Masra grass hill belongs to Masara cultural village, Ta Nang commune, Duc Trong district, nearly 80 km from the center of Da Lat city. This area is the junction of Lam Dong and Binh Thuan provinces, which is also where the Lam Dong plateau begins to decrease in altitude. Here, a whole vast area of steppe is dyed pink by the color of grass.

Unlike the pink grass hills growing with pine forests, in Masara, pink grass grows on bald hills, only a few places have pine trees but not many in number. There is no pine forest cover, the color of pink grass covers the entire large area. The pink grass in Masara is darker, almost like the color of the grass burned by the direct influence of the sun throughout the day, different from the snow pink color like in the yellow valley.

The beauty of Masara is the combination of rosegrass steppe and large space. Standing anywhere on the hill, you can look out into the distance to see the grass stretching to the horizon. The best time to admire and photograph the rose grass is after sunset at 16h and at dawn, around 6h - 8h. At that time, the sunlight was gentle, not too harsh, the grass was beautifully colored.

Masara is also one of the most beautiful camping and sunrise places in Dalat, especially at the end of the year. Visitors can bring camping gear to pitch their tents overnight and admire the pink prairie in the sunrise the next morning.

When camping, visitors should choose an area with little grass, hidden from the wind to avoid affecting the landscape. At night, the outdoor temperature drops, it is necessary to prepare enough clothes and warm equipment to ensure health, Nhan shared.

The pink grass season lasts until about the end of December, depending on the location, the grass may die out earlier or later. Pink grass is usually most beautiful around the end of November.

Pink grass is only beautiful when there is enough dew and sunshine, visitors should choose beautiful sunny days, the pink color of the grass is more pronounced. Avoid going on rainy days or overcast weather, the grass color will be lighter and darker. Dalat is in the cold sunny season, visitors can combine watching pink grass and hunting clouds, dew, wild flowers to fully enjoy the beauty of this place in the last months of the year.

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