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An idyllic day at Dao Lodge Homestay, Ha Giang

Translated by Bing
Dao Lodge Homestay brings the breath of the Northwest mountains and forests, of idyllic and familiar scenes. The roof of Dao Lodge seems strangely quiet and peaceful.

Perhaps when coming to Ha Giang, everyone wants to return to the simplest and rustic things in the middle of the Northwest mountains and forests, sleeping on stilts, listening to birds singing at the bedside every early morning. Dao Lodge is a homestay full of features of the high mountains that make many visitors fascinated.

Homestay is located between Dao cultural village, Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune with bold "Northwest breath", old and quiet. The bamboo leaf gate seemed modestly simple. A solid bamboo fence leads the entrance to the main building. 

Dao Lodge has 2 floors, the first floor is made of earth according to the tradition of the Dao people, the second floor is built of wood with a nostalgic feeling. The tilted roof is inspired by the wings of the spring leopard swallow. According to the beliefs of the Dao people, swallows are birds that bring this happiness and happiness. The simple, rustic stilt house with small wooden tables and chairs on the porch is very suitable for those who want to find tranquility. This traditional color is also evident with the warm golden terracotta walls. 

Photo: Dao Lodge

Waking up and watching the sunrise in the quiet space here, you will feel the slow breath of the land at the head of the Fatherland. White plum branches, pure Northwestern people, idyllic.

Peace and quiet, mellow and melodious is the feeling of many people when visiting Dao Lodge. A corner of the garden is full of sunshine and wind, a few cups of tea, they can chat with each other, feel the movement of nature. This atmosphere seems to be only found in highlands like Ha Giang.

The quiet corridor corner at Dao Lodge will make your soul feel more peaceful and light. When you wake up tomorrow morning, lean back on the wooden chair and breathe in the fresh air.

Photo: Dao Lodge

Bedroom space with soft yellow colors of electric lights, beds and wooden walls. They all exude something very close and harmonious. You will have a peaceful sleep when coming to Dao Lodge.

Photo: Dao Lodge

At the end of winter and early spring to Dao Lodge, you also have the opportunity to admire the splendid spring colors with the white of plum blossoms, pink of peach blossoms. The scenery is as peaceful as the land itself.


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