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The mountain is like a giant dragon reaching out to the sea in Binh Dinh

Translated by Bing
Located about 20 km east of Phu My town, Binh Dinh, Cape Vi Rong, also known as: Dragon Cape, is a mountain shaped like a giant dragon carved and sculpted by nature.

Carrying on the strange shapes of stone blocks, Cape Vi Dragon has also been associated with legends passed down from generation to generation. According to what is said, in the past, the Cape of the Dragon used to be a shape shaped like carp fin. In the Tang Dynasty, when the general Gao Bian went to find places where the earth had good qi to calm down, seeing that Cape Wei Rong had quite good feng shui, the spirit qi agglomerated and magically cut off to eliminate the consequences. The dragon veins were cut off, the dragon scales fell, and the dragon's blood pooled to form small ochre stones mixed in the sand.

Legend has it that this type of ochre is very hard. When grinding with water, it produces a red color, when held without sticking hands, it is considered a heavenly lipstick. In the old days, students everywhere came here to get stones to make lipstick for the teacher to mark papers. Today, if you are observant, you can still find red lipsticks mixed in the sea sand.

When watching from afar or from above, you will see that Cape Vi Rong Quy Nhon protruding into the sea is a very horizontal rock, indomitable among the vast ocean waves. The dragon figure stretched out, leaning towards the sea, the silver waves crashing into the rapids splashed white foam like a dragon's mouth spraying water.

You will find it eye-catching and want a camera to capture the beautiful moment that nature has so wonderfully carved and sculpted.

When coming to Binh Dinh tourism to explore Vi Rong Cape, you will admire a complex of rocky beaches like An Bang beach, the surrounding Erect Rock beach also rises with many interesting shapes, looking like a dragon taking off to fly into the big sea,  forming a majestic harmony scene of rocky mountains, sea waves forming. In particular, between the rocky mountains and a majestic cave located through the sea is extremely unique and attractive.

You will never forget the wonderful scenery of nature when sitting on the rapids, listening to the murmuring waves, watching the mountains, watching the sea and watching the foam waves hitting the white rapids, listening to the passionate sea breeze or sinking in the peaceful scenery of fishing boats low offshore.

In addition to experiencing the poetic scenery, swimming and walking around the small beaches with white sand, cool water, when traveling to Cape Vi Rong, there is an address you cannot ignore, which is to explore Tan Phung village market. This market is the gathering place of fishing boats every morning. Therefore, when coming to Tan Phung market, you will be free to buy and sell fresh seafood such as fish, squid, especially lobster.

Especially in winter, Cape Vi Rong is a unique ideal surfing place in Vietnam. Perhaps that is why every year the number of visitors to this place is increasing, especially foreign visitors come here to experience this extreme sport.


Image source: Multiple authors
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