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Tim Cook enjoying egg coffee at Madame Hien restaurant

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The place where Tim Cook drinks egg coffee is not the most famous spot in Hanoi but the coffee cup is its own recipe, showing the meticulousness and enthusiasm of the brewer.

In the morning of April 15, Apple CEO Tim Cook enjoyed egg coffee with singers My Linh and My Anh at Madame Hien restaurant in Hang Be Street. Tim Cook's crew booked about two weeks ago and asked to drink mostly egg coffee. However, she didn't know the customer was Apple's CEO until 10 minutes before he showed up.

Cốc cà phê trứng của nhà hàng. Ảnh: Tú Nguyễn

The restaurant's egg coffee cup. Photo: Tu Nguyen

The coffee beans used are Lam Dong robusta, not too dark, with a little sweetness, in harmony with the fatty taste of eggs. He tried with arabica seeds but found them sour and fatty, and the taste didn't match. The bartender said the eggs were not pre-whipped, so customers ordered to make them less fishy. After beating, they poured in the filtered coffee and decorated the top with a bit of chocolate.

The process is not complicated, but because it is not ready-made, guests are always noted to wait at least 10 minutes. The restaurant has mixed a bit of honey and rum to mask the fishy taste, but the amount is carefully calculated so that the smell of alcohol does not stir.

Tim Cook uống cà phê với mẹ con Mỹ Linh, Mỹ Anh. Ảnh: Twitter Tim Cook

Tim Cook drinking coffee with singer My Linh (right) and her daughter – singer My Anh. Photo:Twitter Tim Cook

Madame Hien's egg coffee is sweeter than some places. The thick layer of eggs, occupying about 2/3 cup, is whipped. Coffee is not bitter, mellow, suitable even for those who are not used to drinking robusta.

Tim Cook only uses egg coffee and says he loves it when sharing it on social media. The Apple CEO sat for coffee for about 25 minutes and then left. According to the restaurant manager, there were about three international reporters standing for pictures from the side of the road, without affecting the customer experience.

48 Hang Be restaurant was renovated from an old French villa in the heart of Hanoi. Over 4 generations, the shop still retains the original ancient features, the walls are painted with outstanding gold tones with wooden furniture, multi-colored patterns, colorful lanterns, embellishing ancient features.

Address: Madam Hien, 48 Hang Be, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi


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