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Note about Hanoi weather through 12 flower seasons

Translated by Bing
For many people, Hanoi can be sunny in summer, bitter in winter. But for distant tourists, Hanoi has its own beauty with 4 distinct seasons and many memorable flowers.

March 1: Peach blossoms stand out in the winter sky

The average January temperature in Hanoi ranges from 14-21 degrees Celsius, it is cold. Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of traditional flower villages such as Quang Ba, Me Linh, Tay Tuu... because this time usually coincides with the December of the lunar calendar. The most prominent is the cherry blossoms in Nhat Tan with rows of peach sapphires.

Note: You need to prepare hats, thick jackets, gloves, scarves to keep warm when exploring the outdoors.

Photo: satoriphotography/ Shutterstock

March 2: Fragile flowers in the cold wind

Hanoi Tet is characterized by drizzling rains and that is also evident in February because this time coincides with Tet m calendar. During drizzly days, fog occurs more often. Adverse weather conditions have created a blur for the scenery of West Lake and Sword Lake in the early morning. In addition to exploring countless early spring festivals, you should take advantage of enjoying the specialty of Tranh Khuc cakes and watching white flowers on familiar street corners such as Kim Ma, Phan Dinh Phhung, Thanh Nien ...

Note: The flower season in Hanoi is usually short, sometimes the flowers die after just one rain, so if you want to see it, you also need a little luck.

Photo: Berry Phan/ Shutterstock

March 3: Purple flowers despite the humid weather

March 3 when the weather changes seasons, there is a phenomenon of damp pots (walls, floors "sweating") can make you uncomfortable, laundry clothes take a long time to dry. If you love the flower seasons in Hanoi, you must definitely go to Bac Son Street near Uncle's Mausoleum to see the purple flowers or drive to the suburbs such as Huong Pagoda, Master Pagoda ... to see the fiery red rice blossoms on the mossy tile roofs.

Note: This season is prone to flu due to changing humidity.

Photo: NguyenQuocThang/ Shutterstock

March 4: Early summer lilies

The beginning of Hanoi summer is one of the most pleasant times of the year, very suitable for sightseeing and picnicking. In particular, the 4th month of Hanoi is also gentle and charming with the pure white color of trumpet flowers - the typical summer flower of Thang Long land.

Note: You should bring a thin jacket in addition to short, cool items.

Photo: Huy Thoai/ Shutterstock

March 5: Purple mausoleum to welcome summer

Officially in summer, the average temperature in Hanoi is from 25-31 degrees Celsius, quite hot and uncomfortable. Heavy rains can occur at any time of the day. When walking on many streets of Hanoi, especially the newly opened ones, you will be impressed by the rows of mausoleums showing off their purple colors.

Note: You should bring an umbrella or raincoat to avoid the nuisance of summer rains.

Photo: Dinh Chi/ Shutterstock

March 6: Soothe the sun with a faint lotus scent

This is the hottest month in Hanoi when the average temperature is about 28-35 degrees Celsius, the peak can reach 38-39 degrees Celsius. Hanoi has many summer cooling drinks such as tamarind juice, crocodile water, sidewalk iced tea or tomato bean porridge, cold snail noodles, pho rolls ... Hanoi's summer specialty is also the West Lake lotus flower. Not only to see, to shoot, to inhale the gentle fragrance when blooming in the early morning, the West Lake lotus flower is also collected to marinate tea and become a very famous specialty.

Note: They should schedule outdoor play time in the early morning or late afternoon, and bring plenty of water.

Photo: Jimmy Tran/ Shutterstock

March 7: Hiding from the sun under the old trees

Enjoying Trang Tien ice cream or West Lake ice cream is a great suggestion these days. If you pay attention, you will smell the gentle, faint fragrance of mother-of-pearl flowers - a plant grown a lot on Hoang Dieu, Le Hong Phong, Hoang Van Thu streets... around the central area of Hanoi.

Note: Avoid going outside during rainstorms.

Photo: Huy Thoai/ Shutterstock

March 8: Fragrant plastic nuggets in autumn Hanoi

The weather is still quite hot, although the temperature has decreased compared to previous months. Sudden rains and heavy rains are also frequent this month. But what the weather is, the 8th month specialty with curly strawberry flowers and Vong Village nuggets is hard for visitors to refuse.

Note: Raincoats, umbrellas, short-sleeved shirts and shorts are what you need to prepare.

Photo: th_binh538/ Instagram

March 9: Autumn milkweed

You will clearly feel the autumn of Hanoi in the afternoon to evening, when the atmosphere is airy and cool. Autumn is also an ideal time for you to explore Hanoi, enjoy ripe crocodile specialties, mooncakes, or participate in outdoor activities such as Mid-Autumn Festival (lunar moon). The milkweed scent is somewhere.

Note: Bring an extra thin jacket to wear if you come home late.

Photo: Berry Phan/ Shutterstock

March 10: Chrysanthemum - the winter leopard flower of Hanoi

The mild weather not only inspires you to picnic, visit the suburban area, but also creates conditions for tourists to enjoy all Hanoi delicacies. At the end of October, on the flower carts peddling on the street, it is often indispensable for bundles of white daisies, tiny, fragile but full of vitality.

Note: Prepare an extra dress to take pictures with daisies bought at flower carts or gardeners in Quang Ba, Red River rocky beach.

Photo: Jimmy Tran/ Shutterstock

May 11: Heather and water lily season bloom in dry weather

The monsoons have started blowing hard and the weather has turned colder. You can also combine check-in with heather (borage flower) in Long Bien or Huong pagoda water lily. This flower also only appears on the street for about two weeks and then disappears, before the cold winds of winter rush through. November also has the famous specialty of spring rolls - "look scared, taste fascinated".

Note: Bring enough warm coats, add a tube of moisturizer, soften dry weather.

Photo: John Bill/Shutterstock

May 12: Bright daisies in the gloomy winter

As one of the coldest months of the year, the murky weather can be long, with periods throughout the week without a single ray of sunshine. To find fresh inspiration when coming to Hanoi these days, you should look to the chrysanthemum gardens blooming with bright yellow color. This flower is also used to make medicine, so the aroma is pleasant from the moment you enter the garden.

Note: Bring full gloves, warm hats, scarves next to some allergy medicines, flu in case of need.

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