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Sapa travel experience "standard without adjustment" in January 1/2022

Translated by Bing
There are rumors, dating Sapa on May 1 feels like immersing yourself in a romantic love story. Indeed, Sapa in the first months of the year was cold enough for the hug to be sweeter, the fragrant grilled forest meat lingered with footsteps, the aroma of coffee called Pudong to wake up, the love of Sapa night was dissolved.

The snow suddenly blanketed the branches. Photo: VnExpress

Sapa weather March 1

In the first months of the year, Sapa is very cold. In the first half of the month, the temperature is still swinging at 10-18 degrees. At the end of the month, frost is possible with temperatures of only 5-10 degrees. Fansipan Peak can snow.

It was cold, but during the day it was warm and dry. Sapa this season has relatively little rain, extremely convenient for you to go out and take photos.

In the evening, Sapa fog covered the way. Heavy dew sometimes thought of fog rain. The cold slipped into the neck, into the sleeves, only making the lovers walking along the street almost rub and hold hands more tightly and immerse themselves in romance together.

Coming to Sapa at the beginning of the year may encounter snowfall. Photo: https://dulichvietnam.com.vn/

Sapa sunny day. Photo: baotintuc.vn


The two most chosen means of transportation by those with 1st month Sapa travel experience are motorbikes or cars.

Surfing vivu motorbikes to explore O Quy Ho, or surfing the village is one of the unforgettable experiences. Cold, but free to immerse yourself in heaven and earth, stop anywhere, check in and own beautiful photos without dead corners.

Motorbike rental cost: 100,000 VND – 160,000 / day for digital cars, gas cars and 200,000 – 300,000 VND / day for scooters. If you are afraid of the cold and afraid of riding a motorbike, you can rent a taxi or rent a self-driving car. The cost of renting a self-driving car is about 1,000,000 VND/day with an additional deposit. January 1 is foggy and may have frost that makes the roads slippery, if you are not confident in the steering wheel, you should take a taxi or rent a car with a driver.

Trekking is also an interesting experience for those who want to explore the pristine destinations in Sapa. But make sure you are in good health to catch up on a long day trekking mountains and villages.

Tourist attractions


January 1 is one of the most beautiful "cloud hunting" times of the year on Fan Peak. The thick and porous coils of clouds, when floating like a giant blanket, when billowing like a stream of clouds flowing down the world, are more beautiful than any rumor anyone wants to witness once.

Fansipan Peak can also surprise you with a romantic snow shower. However, Fansipan January 1 is also prone to frost, strong winds, fog rain and very low temperatures. Experience traveling to Sapa in 1st month is to always watch the weather forecast carefully before choosing a date to go to Fansipan!

May 1 is too beautiful to hunt clouds on Fan Peak. Photo: buiquyet.com

Sapa Stone Church

In the magical smog on a cold day, the white stone wall of Sapa stone church and Gothic-style arched doors exude a classic romantic beauty.

Night at Sapa stone church. Photo: baolaocai.vn

Sapa glass bridge

Sapa glass bridge (or Dragon May glass bridge) is located in Dragon May tourist area, about 18km from Sapa town. The bridge is 50 m long with 4 glass surfaces, giving the feeling of walking in the air, but below are flying clouds and extremely majestic nature. In addition, inside Dragon May resort, there are many other thrilling experience games such as zipline, bungee jumping ...

Oolong tea plantation with cherry apricots

On the way from Sapa to O Quy Ho pass, you will encounter green oolong tea hills with cherry blossom paths spread with brilliant pink.

The blooming period only lasts a few weeks, so for those who have experienced traveling to Sapa month 1 is not to be missed. Due to the epidemic situation, the tea plantation is temporarily not open to visitors, however, you can still stand from a distance to take beautiful photos of the tea plantation.

O Quy Ho Pass

The pass is located on Highway 4D, connecting Lao Cai and Lai Chau, famous for its length, danger and the most majestic in the Northwest. January 1 is cold, the sun shines on the mountainside, the clouds fall as if to lift people up to the cloud nine.

O Quy Ho beamed in the sunshine. Photo: VnExpress

Go to the village

For those who experience traveling to Sapa at the beginning of the year, it is impossible to ignore the beautiful villages such as Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Ta Van, Lao Chai, Shín Chai ... The dry season makes the trekking journey more convenient, while unleashing cloud hunting and enjoying the peaceful beauty of the scenery and the love of the Northwest.

Cat Cat Village. Photo: elitetour

Sun World Fansipan Legend

A land of strange fragrant flowers in four seasons, always makes you surprised from the foot of Hoang Lien to the top of Fansipan – that is Sun World Fansipan Legend. As an entertainment – tourism complex with many carefully invested stops, this is an extremely suitable destination for the whole family or accompanied by friends.

Sunword Fansipan Legend from above. Photo: Sunword Fansipan Legend


Sapa 1st month is the best time for cold vegetables such as stone sprouts, cat chard, cabbage. The numbing cold of the weather also adds flavor to the hot pot of salmon, sturgeon, buffalo meat from the grill, wild boar meat from the armpits, bowl of Sapa black chicken soup or the unforgettable fragrant mountain grilled skewers.

Prepare an empty stomach to enjoy "the whole Sapa" to the fullest.

Sapa Black Chicken. Photo: Motogo

Sturgeon hotpot, delicious salmon hotpot. Photo: Sapa review

The fragrant grills make you want to swoop in right away. Photo: motogo

Thang try hot, a specialty dish of the Bac Ha people. Photo: Dulichvietnam.com


The experience of traveling to Sapa at the beginning of the year is that you should choose accommodation from 3 stars or more. Because of comfortable rooms, convenient breakfast service, beautiful mountain view and warm air conditioning will help you avoid the bitter cold of winter in the mountains.

Enjoying the morning, you see right outside that the mountain clouds are curling around, or the white snow is absentmindedly falling, enjoying a bowl of hot pho and a cup of tea fragrant with forest scent.

Enjoy a very peaceful morning in a high place. Photo: gadtvietnam.com

Notes for the trip

Towards the end of the month, the colder the weather, you should bring enough warm clothing: a life jacket or thick feather coat, with a hood and warm shoes to avoid the cold at night.

In addition, other items are needed:

  • Woolen hats, earmuffs, gloves, scarves, thermal stickers,
  • Personal documents (for hotel reservations or car rentals),
  • Cash...

Don't forget about your camera or photography stick to capture the best moments.

January 1 is the peak tourist month in Sa Pa, especially near the Lunar New Year, so hotel rooms, sleeper cars ... will usually run out of space soon. Therefore, if you plan to vivu Sapa this 1st month, you should plan to book a car, book a hotel early to get many options as you like.

Hopefully, this little information, Migo has helped you pocket the necessary Sapa travel experiences at the beginning of the year. Do not hesitate to contact Migo immediately if you need any advice to have the most perfect trip to Sapa adventure!

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