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Quy Nhon Travel Experience from A - Z that you need to know

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Quy Nhon - a very famous tourist destination in Vietnam recently, which owns attractions known as "Korean Jeju Island in Vietnam", typical rustic dishes and comfortable and unique resorts. Join Migo to explore Quy Nhon travel experience below.

1. Overview of Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is the most beautiful coastal city in Binh Dinh province, South Central region with many beautiful beaches such as Ky Co, Cat Tien, Nhon Hoi, Hon Dry, Bai Xep,... Coming here, visitors can immerse themselves in the poetic natural scenery, the vast sea with golden sand in the sun, windswept islands mixed with sparkling beaches with golden sand.

2. Weather in Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon belongs to the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. Thereby, the weather in Quy Nhon is divided into 2 distinct seasons: sunny season and rainy season. The sunny season starts from March to September, the rainy season starts from October to February of the following year. 

In the rainy season, Quy Nhon is not in the range of the typhoon, so visitors just need to pay attention to the weather, choose beautiful occasions to be assured of planning to travel here in any season of the year.

Quy Nhon weather is divided into 2 distinct seasons: sunny season and rainy season. Source: Wikipedia

3. Transportation

3.1. Car rental in Quy Nhon

Renting a car with driver is a smart and reasonable choice when traveling to Quy Nhon in groups of 3-7 people. This option helps you have a safe and secure trip. Of course, the cost of renting a car will be higher than when renting a motorbike, but in return for the benefits it brings, it is more.

In Quy Nhon, there are many tourist car rental units, you should research carefully in advance and choose a reputable and quality car rental unit in Quy Nhon that meets criteria such as: cheap price, enthusiastic driver cum always "deputy flash" and your own guide, ...

3.2. Motorbike rental

Another form for those who like to travel to experience is to be able to rent cheap motorbikes in Quy Nhon, the rental price ranges from only 80k-120k applied to many different models.

4. Popular tourist attractions in Quy Nhon

4.1. Empress Beach

Queen Beach (also known as Egg Beach) is located in Ghenh Rang tourist area in Quy Nhon province. The beach is called Empress Beach because Nam Phuong Empress once chose this place as a resort. Visitors coming here to play will be able to watch the romantic sea and sky with waves and small stones shaped like beautiful eggs.

4.2. Tomb of poet Han Mozi

To visit the tomb of the poet Han Mo Tzu, we must cross the small bridge over the Tien stream and turn left up the Poet Hill. In front of the tomb is a large cross half a meter high. The tomb is built in a simple modern architecture with a rectangular shape. At the top of the tombstone there is a statue of Mary with her arms outstretched, eyes looking down at the tomb. This will be an interesting place to visit and commemorate the great poet of the country.

4.3. Blue Island Lighthouse

In the top 5 famous 100-year-old lighthouses in Vietnam, Cu Lao Xanh Lighthouse stands tall, becoming a symbol of the spirit of the people here when living with the waves and winds of the sea all year round. 

Through many ups and downs in history, the lighthouse has always been lit up, orienting fishermen's boats in the sea area of South Central Vietnam. Therefore, this lighthouse is also known as the "magic eyes" of the sea in Quy Nhon.

4.4. Bai Xep fishing village

Recognized by Business Insider as the "mysterious pearl" of Asia, this place attracts many visitors because of the wild and peaceful beauty of a long-standing traditional fishing village, without the noise of traffic or bustle like other sea resorts. 

You can come to enjoy Bai Xep because this is a place that retains its inherent natural wilderness without human intervention. Not only that, although pristine, sightseeing services, tourism, hotels, restaurants are fully provided. If you have the opportunity, come and feel the wild beauty here.

4.5. Waning Moon Beach

This is the main beach located in the heart of Quy Nhon City with a unique semi-circular stretch (half-moon), and sand dunes stretching 5km from Tan cape to Ghenh Rang. Recently, this beach has been upgraded infrastructure and services, so the number of visitors coming here is increasing, becoming one of the most popular places in the Central - South region. 

4.6. Ky Co – Strait of Wind

About 25 km northeast of Quy Nhon city, Ky Co is quite interesting as it borders the sea on one side and the other 3 sides are rolling hills. This is known as the "first paradise" of Nhon Ly in Quy Nhon province, with Ky Co beach possessing a shallow, calm coastline, beautiful blue water combined with majestic mountain rapids. Walking barefoot on the sandy beach in Ky Co, you will feel the lightness and comfort, blending with the nature of trees, mountains and the blue sea and white sand here. 

4.7. Rang rapids

Ghenh Rang is a collection of rock complexes and caves with all kinds of diverse shapes, impressing visitors when visiting here. The road to Rang rapids has a gentle slope and is newly built, so it is quite beautiful. In summer, the burning sun of Quy Nhon land makes you hesitant, enjoying the shade of casuarina rows and rapids will help you feel refreshed and released with the sea. 

4.8. Trung Luong picnic resort

This is the most famous tourist destination in recent times in Quy Nhon, even many people call this place "Jeju of Vietnam". The new feature of Trung Luong picnic area is that it owns an amusement park, interesting picnic camping, or colorful chairs with a view towards the sea that looks extremely romantic.

4.9. Cham Tower

Cham Tower in Binh Dinh is a symbol of the long-standing Champa culture in our country. The characteristics of the towers here are mysterious and ancient with patterns, stone reliefs decorated on the arches or carved reliefs of dancing dancers, statues of Ganesa, Siva in stone or statues of goddess Uma, statues of god Bharma in bronze...

5. Summary of specialties in Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is not only a place with beautiful landscapes, but the cuisine here is also a point worth mentioning with many specialties with bold regional characteristics such as jumping shrimp pancakes, lu water chicken, ninja fish, Huynh Emperor crab, string cakes, fish cake noodles, spring rolls in the district market...

Jumping shrimp pancakes in Quy Nhon

Grilled chicken served with delicious and crispy burnt sticky rice

Enjoy the unique King crab in the sea

Bong Son Rope Cake - A rustic specialty that makes many tourists fall in love

Coming to Quy Nhon, do not forget the authentic fish cake noodles in the sea

Choosing to buy spring rolls in Huyen market as tourist gifts is the best choice

6. Beautiful rest spots in Quy Nhon

6.1. Life's A Beach

Located in the coastal fishing village of Bai Xep, Homestay Life's A Beach is a resort that converges all 3 beautiful - unique - strange elements. The whole homestay is covered with a blue color that brings the liberal flavor of the sea, creating a comfortable and peaceful energy for any visitors coming here. Every piece of furniture, walls to the door of the homestay is the presence of the sea here, true to the name of this place - Life's A Beach. 

With rooms designed in the form of Dorm, Life's A Beach is a perfect choice for those who go backpacking, with cheap prices from only 160,000 VND / person / night. In addition to dormitory rooms, homestays also have bungalows with private space.

6.2. Villa Relax 

If you want a luxurious vacation with a group of friends or with family members, Villa Relax is definitely a place not to mention. With 4 bedrooms, including 2 rooms with beautiful sea view, including swimming pool, chairs and extremely chill view, you will definitely enjoy coming to this place. Both exterior and interior interiors are sophisticated and luxurious.

6.3. Haven Vietnam Homestay

A resort right next to the sea, near Bai Xep fishing village, about 10 km from the city center, this is the beautiful and cheap Homestay address in Quy Nhon that is highly appreciated by many tourists. Thereby, you can rest, enjoy the peaceful space, feel the waves and cool breeze in hot summer days.

The inner campus is not too fussy, friendly to visitors, has a small corner with sandy beach, dad chairs, umbrellas and hammocks for you to rest, sunbathe, watch the sea ... Stepping inside is a small bar, beautifully arranged tables and chairs, harmonious, soft lighting suitable for you to relax, enjoy the feeling of peace after tiring working days, bustling in the city.

7. Some notes when traveling in Quy Nhon

  • The weather in Quy Nhon is quite harsh, so remember to prepare enough sunscreen, clothes, hats ... complete. 
  • Quy Nhon Sea has a slope, there is a deep water, so when swimming, you need to be careful. 
  • If traveling 1-2 people, you should consider choosing to travel on a tour. Especially visiting places that move a lot by canoe such as Ky Co-Eo Gio, historically related areas such as Quy Nhon west. In groups of 3-4 people who can go on a tour or hire a package taxi, large groups should contact the tour company to design a more proactive private tour. 
  • For those who like the sea but do not have much time to go to many places, you can combine Hon Dry during the day with Ky Co, Strait Gio.
  • Families with young children or elderly people should refrain from traveling by motorbike but should take a contract car or tour is the most reasonable, safe and economical option. 
  • In Quy Nhon, traffic police check very closely, especially at the intersection turning to Twin Towers or Phuong Mai peninsula on Tran Hung Dao – Dong Da – Vo Nguyen Giap streets. Therefore, when renting a car, remember to apply for all car documents and follow the law.

Above is all Quy Nhon travel experiences from A-Z for you. It can be said that Quy Nhon is one of the famous sea tourist destinations in Vietnam that is wholeheartedly praised by many other domestic and foreign tourists. If you want to travel to the sea, do not miss this wonderful place.

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