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Beautiful traditional space in Smarana Hanoi Heritage Hotel

Translated by Bing
The hotel located on Duy Tan street is likened to a miniature Hang drum painting museum by more than 50 hand-painted works by artist Le Dinh Nghien.

Located on a small alley in Duy Tan Street (Cau Giay), Smarana Hanoi Heritage Hotel becomes an ideal check-in place for those who love painting and national values. This is the first and only place in Hanoi built according to the theme of Hang drum folk paintings.

The hotel grounds are decorated as an exhibition, with more than 50 paintings hand-painted by artisan Le Dinh Nghien. Right from the entrance hall are four female paintings that are several decades old.

Hang Drum paintings are arranged in all spaces in the hotel from check-in lobby, bar, stairs, elevator, cafeteria, skybar, spa ... including some famous paintings such as 'Confucius', 'Country Market', 'Of course', 'Dragon Serpent to Cloud', 'Heavenly Mother', 'Five Sons of Faculty' ...

The highlight of this collection is the 'Phuc' incorporating the 'Twenty Four Hieus' with a height of up to 2 meters located right at the main door of the hotel. This is the largest painting of Hang Drum today, hand-painted by artist Le Dinh Nghien in three months.

Mr. Le Dinh Nghien is considered the last artisan of Hang drum folk paintings. This line of paintings used to flourish in the old Thang Long, especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, showing the aesthetic taste and painting level of the artisans of the period. Today, many Hang Drum paintings painted in the last century are displayed and auctioned in Europe. Over time, this line of paintings was gradually forgotten, before gaining more attention recently.

Not only displaying many paintings of Hang Drum, the hotel is also like a museum of national culture. The receptionist wore a five-body tunic with a neck break designed by Uy Van Hien, inspired by the charm of the old Thang Long talents in the painting series 'Maiden'.

The hotel has four classes of rooms, also designed with the inspiration of the painting series 'Four Binh': Tung, Cuc, Truc, Mai corresponding to the four spring, summer, autumn and winter of Hang drum folk paintings.

The spring room paints apricot paintings in green tones. The summer room paints bamboo paintings in red tones. The autumn room is chrysanthemum-shaped with an orange tint. The winter room paints a picture of a pine tree in a blue tint.

The bathroom is also elaborately designed with Bat Trang tiles selected one by one to match the general perspective.

In addition to art exhibition activities, the hotel's functional spaces include restaurants, outdoor bars, lobbies ... also in traditional style. In terms of cuisine, diners can enjoy the 'Five Tigers' coffee collection with pure Vietnamese ingredients inspired by the philosophy of the five elements according to the colors of the Five Tigers of Hang Drum.

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Photo: Smarana Hanoi Heritage

Image source: Multiple authors
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