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Discover the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam (Part 1)

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If you're looking to try something new for your upcoming travels, don't miss the scenic coastal roads below.

Phan Rí Cua - Bau White - Mui Ne

Location: Binh Thuan

Famous for its straight road passing through a vast desert to the horizon, Phan Rí Cua - Bau White - Mui Ne road is sought after by many people because of the wild scenery like in an American Western movie.

There are no winding bends halfway up the hill or majestic mountain scenery, Phan Rí Cua - Bau White - Mui Ne road is impressed by its wild features with white sand dunes running to the end of the horizon. Here there is only the white of the sand, the blue of the sky and the murmur of the waves in the distance. With the beauty of combining the sea and desert, this route is voted by many backpackers as one of the most impressive roads in Vietnam.

Cam Ranh - Vinh Hy

Location: Khanh Hoa - Ninh Thuan

When running from Cam Ranh to Vinh Hy, you will fully enjoy the spectacular scenery of the sea, mountains, plains, deserts. This coastal road runs through a green vineyard. Next is a beautiful road with one side is the mountain, the other side is the sea, leaning back against Nui Chua National Park. You have to admire the panoramic view of Vinh Hy Bay from above, you understand why this place is ranked as one of the four most beautiful bays of the country.

Passing Vinh Hy to the top of the pass is also the time to go to the other side of Nui Chua National Park, where you can see the beautiful Binh Hung island. At the end of the journey are white salt fields, sparkling like a giant mirror reflecting the clouds.

Ca Na – Phan Rang

Location: Ninh Thuan

The coastal road of Ca Na - Phan Rang runs along the winding mountain slopes, one side is the sea and the other is the cliff, bringing a sense of magnificence and impression to travelers coming here. This road has few large vehicles passing, so it is always the first choice of backpackers.

Along the way, you can zoom into the whole turquoise Ca Na sea into view. At times, you can feel the clouds floating right above your head, sometimes you are overwhelmed by the vast scenery of the sea, sometimes it is quiet with the twists and turns in the heart of the mountain.

Nha Trang - Phu Yen

Location: Nha Trang - Phu Yen

The road from Nha Trang back to Phu Yen to the North is one of the roads that any traveling enthusiast wants to drive through once. When passing through this route, you will see the rushing waves of the Great Lanh Sea and the vast blue sky. You can plan a suitable itinerary to watch the sunrise at Mui Dien - Dai Lanh lighthouse, the earliest place to catch the sun in Vietnam.

Along the way from Dai Lanh cape to Nha Trang, another place that attracts tourists is Co Ma pass, Ca pass. For good views, you should take a detour along the pass (right) instead of going through the tunnel. Many beaches stretching along this route appear beautiful.

Quy Nhon - Tuy Hoa

Location: Binh Dinh - Phu Yen

Binh Dinh and Phu Yen are two provinces geographically located in the South Central coastal region and located adjacent to each other. In recent times, the Binh Dinh - Phu Yen tourist route has been chosen by many tourists.

To start this route, you should start from Quy Nhon, take Highway 1A and you will be really overwhelmed by the beautiful beaches close to each other. Along the way between these 2 destinations, you can visit outstanding tourist attractions such as Ghenh Rang stone church, Queen beach, disc rock rapids, Phu Yen swallow tower.

Photo: Internet, VnExpress

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