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Australian guests 'sweating' to taste velvet, greasy specialties in Vietnam

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Andrew Fraser is an Australian YouTuber, currently living and working in Vietnam for many years, has the opportunity to enjoy the unique velvet specialty, "rare and difficult to find" is bamboo worm.

Andrew Fraser is an Australian YouTuber who has been living and working in Vietnam for many years. He owns a YouTube channel of more than 80,000 followers, specializing in uploading videos about travel, culinary experiences in many provinces and cities on the S-shaped strip of land and attracting millions of views.

Recently, Andrew had the opportunity to come to Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) and visit the enchanting village of Membrane Mu, where people live in harmony with nature.

"A pristine fairytale-like village, decorated with traditional wooden houses and subsistence activities. I was immersed in the rich cultural heritage of the Hmong community, learning the deep meaning of bamboo in their lives, from making utensils to how to nourish their bodies," Andrew described the trip.

Membrane Mu is located on a high mountain in Mo De commune, Mu Cang Chai district, about 7 km from the town center, in the direction of Khau Pha pass. This is considered the most prime place for visitors to expand their horizons and see the beautiful landscape in Mu Cang Chai.

The population of Membrane Pus is mainly Hmong, living by farming and foresting. Therefore, visiting here, visitors also have the opportunity to learn the customs and experience the daily life of relatives.

Andrew commented, "One of the most beautiful villages in Vietnam I've ever been to. Although the village is high in the mountains, the road is difficult, it takes more than 1 hour to walk, but the Australian guest still enjoys the beautiful natural scenery, friendly and enthusiastic people.

"There are many beautiful bamboo forests in Membrane Mu. I know that bamboo is not only a plant but also an indispensable part of the life of the Hmong people here," he said.

Here, Andrew not only learned about the meaning of bamboo to indigenous people, but also witnessed how they made musical instruments from bamboo or learned about bamboo dishes such as pickled bamboo shoots,...

Andrew revealed that he came here with a bolder desire to enjoy a delicious dish from the bamboo trunk - bamboo worms.

The bamboo worm (also known as the bamboo worm) is an insect parasitic in bamboo stems, often appearing in some provinces in the Northwest mountainous region. This creature is small in size, nearly two knuckles long, white in color.

Although the appearance is not eye-catching, making many people afraid, bamboo worm is the ingredient to process many delicious dishes, "popular" with gourmets.

To enjoy this dish, Andrew moves to the house of a villager named Bla and harvests bamboo worms himself. The Western visitor was astonished to see a herd of velvet, fat bamboo worms crawling in the burning of the freshly cut tree.

He admits to having enjoyed many insects before but when he sees bamboo worms, he is a little wary and restless.

"Honestly, I'm ready to enjoy this dish when I get here. But when I harvested the bamboo worms, and saw them clinging to the tiny bamboo with my own eyes, I was a little concerned, not daring to imagine how many there were and how I would enjoy them. The excitement about the food really diminished with each passing moment," Andrew said.

The Australian YouTuber revealed that he was reassured by indigenous people that bamboo worms are delicious and nutritious. Although he felt wary and worried, he still told himself that this specialty would taste as attractive as other insects he had eaten.

After harvesting the bamboo worm, Andrew was instructed by Bla and his wife on how to prepare. Bamboo worms can be processed into many dishes such as bamboo worms stir-fried bamboo shoots, banana flower mannequins, deep-fried bamboo worms,... But the most delicious and attractive is still the bamboo worm roasted with lemon leaves.

The worm is simply prepared, washed in clean water and then drained. It can be deeply immersed in diluted salt water or clear lime water to remove the dirt inside. Then roast the worm in a hot pan, stir to cook evenly and taste the seasoning to taste. Finally, sprinkle with lemon leaves. The fleshy, greasy taste of worms and the aroma of lemon leaves blend together, creating a dish that "pleases" diners.

Although the method is simple, the roasted bamboo worm has an attractive taste, becoming a favorite drink of many people. Andrew admits that bamboo worms look delicious and less scary when they are still squirming. He even boldly tasted the first pieces of bamboo worm and couldn't help but be surprised by the aromatic taste, easier to eat than imagined.

"It tastes like popcorn but it's rich. I liked it more than the roasted grasshopper I used to eat. The roasted bamboo worm is really amazingly delicious," the Western guest commented.

During the meal, Andrew was also invited by the host to taste cat cider and he was also surprised because the taste of this drink was so great.

The Australian boy was also touched when he learned that bamboo worm is a delicacy that indigenous people often prepare to entertain distinguished guests, welcome close friends to play at home.

Photo/Video: Andrew Fraser

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