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Western customers, we flock to Hang Comb flower market every year only open 1 time on the occasion of Tet

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The last 7th of the year of Quy Mao, Hang Comb flower market welcomes a large number of visitors flocking to stroll and shop for Tet decorations. Not only attracting Hanoi people, the flower market is also a highlight for the travel of visitors from far away.

Established in the early 20th century, Hang Comb flower market is considered the oldest flower market in Hanoi. Usually open from December 15 to 30, Hang Comb flower market not only attracts a large number of people in the capital to shop but also is a destination to attract domestic and foreign tourists every Tet holiday.

Hang Comb flower market these days is brilliant in a red color with decorative products symbolizing Tet Day displayed, hanging for sale on the sidewalk. On February 3 (December 24), the most traditional market in Hanoi Old Quarter attracts a lot of visitors to walk and shop. 

A lot of customers come to the market and leave empty-handed. Among them, there are many groups of friends and families walking around enjoying the Tet atmosphere. At around 11 p.m., the aisles around the market were packed with people. This year, products shaped like cakes and dragons, symbolizing the year of Giap Thin are sold flooding the market with a variety of designs and colorful colors.

Many visitors to the market buy peaches to take home. According to the survey, the price of peaches and kumquats this year is similar to last year. However, many sellers often shout higher prices. If guests know how to negotiate, each branch will be reduced from 100,000 to 500,000 VND, depending on the type. The peach branches are constantly transported to the market for small traders to sell after the old quantity has been consumed. 

Mr. Thanh Quang and Mrs. Xuan Linh went to buy small peach branches to plug the altar. He said that the seller initially said the price was 300,000 VND / branch (on hand), after bargaining both siblings bought it for 220,000 VND. After that, they sought to buy two small kumquat trees, each from 80,000 to 120,000 VND.

Not only peach blossoms, apricots and kumquats, Hang Comb market also has many goods trading silk flowers, fake flowers with all designs and designs. The vendor today is quite busy cleaning and decorating the flower baskets.

This is the time when cherry blossoms have many beautiful and easy to choose branches. Those who are picky often choose to buy a week before Tet, although the price is higher than on 30 Tet, but in return, it is easy to buy, easy to find the type you like.

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