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H'Mong Village - a unique architectural resort in Ha Giang

H'Mong Village is located in Trang Kim Commune, Quan Ba District, Ha Giang Province. More than 50km from Ha Giang city, this resort is located on Highway 4C on the route from Ha Giang City to Dong Van Global Geopark.

On an area of more than 20ha, H'Mong Village is covered with green grass, overlooking the gentle Mien River and embracing the mountain range in front of it all year round. This is a true green tourist area that will bring moments of relaxation and peace to visitors when visiting the land of the Fatherland. The campus of H'Mong Village also grows typical trees such as peaches, plums, spring flowering brightly, summer ripening fruits. 

The hostel system of H'Mong Village is unique with 35 high-class bungalows designed to simulate the shape of a chorus (hump). Throwing or sling, sling, is an indispensable item in the life of Hmong women. The image of Hmong women carrying a toss on their shoulders to store things or sling their children, going to the market is a special beauty of the rocky highlands.  

Each bungalow is 5.15m high, floor area 12 square meters, including 2 floors equipped with high-class amenities ... The exterior is simulated like bamboo, the material for knitting. With this unique architecture, in May 2021, H'Mong Village was confirmed by the Vietnam Records Organization as the first resort with quartz houses built in Vietnam. In addition to the unique quart-shaped bungalow, H'Mong village also has self-contained rooms, community guesthouses that can accommodate up to 50 people. 

The houses in H'Mong village are built with earth and environmentally friendly materials such as wood, bamboo, cork, stone... recreating the original traditional Hmong house architecture. All earth wall rooms are designed minimalist and gentle, close to nature, both high-class and comfortable and bold cultural identity.

There is also an infinity pool in the resort with clear blue water reflecting the clouds. If you want to relax, visitors can choose for themselves a herbal bath to regain energy, dispel worries and stress of daily life. 

When stopping at H'Mong Village, visitors can visit, experience nearby places to explore local life and culture. The places can be mentioned as: the first Lung Khuy cave - one of the most beautiful limestone caves of Ha Giang only about 1km from H'Mong Village, the corn wine village of the Hmong people in Thanh Van, the traditional linen weaving village of the Hmong people in Lung Tam.

H'Mong Village

Address: Trang Kim area, Dong Ha commune, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang

Hotline: 02193.83.68.68

Fanpage: https://hmongvillage.com.vn/


  • Community room priced at 400,000 VND/night
  • Bungalow with 2,400,000 VND/night.

Article and photo: Le Phuong

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